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Help finding an old BBC's Equinoxe documentary video.

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by BrainStove, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. BrainStove

    BrainStove The Brainy Stove

    Hi folks.

    As usual, here is me again with a rare & very strange request as always....

    I've been for long time now, googling & looking on the net about any info which might lead me or help me find an old documentary (around beginnings 2000) regarding a middle age man who after a brain injury accident, he would need to constantly see/watch every action/movement he does in order to be conscious and able to know what the hell he is doing in a given moment.
    Sort of an exhausting "Eternal Pay Atention" life syndrome after the accident.

    If I remember well, I think I watched this specific episode on Discovery Channel through a documentary series called "Equinox" from the popular BBC's Channel 4 Science documentary programme.

    For more details I vaguely recall this man/patient was/is british, white hair and moustache, an amazing resemblance with John Cleese and for some reason Ian resound highly in my head as his first name, not so sure about this last comment, so don't take it so seriously for the mindhunt. Hehehe
    Also vaguely recall to "Vilayanur S. Ramachandran" as the neuroscientist who appeared in almost every episode of these Equinoxe series.

    So, by any chance, ¿are you a good memory, documentary freak-hunter-consumer like me, to help me out with any clue to find the original video, patient real name or something about him?

    Thanks & Cheers!!
  2. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    This is one for Jo probably.

    FWIW the Equinox series was a Channel4 production, not BBC. The beeb have a similar format program called Horizon.
  3. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    This is one for Jo probably.

    FWIW the Equinox series was a Channel4 production, not BBC. The beeb have a similar format program called Horizon.
  4. BrainStove

    BrainStove The Brainy Stove

    X-Memory Sports...

    That's right Tom, Jo prolly is the best candidate to give me a hand on this. Give her a wink about the topic if you have a chance.
    I hope her memory is in good shape too, cause otherwise I'm afraid that with so many youngsters around the forums nowadays, only old fucks like us could have seen and recall such images/footage about the documentary I'm talking about. :terror: ;)

    Yep, Horizon documentary series are other excellent gems I still keep fresh in my ancient SVHS video library. In fact also the one I'm looking for, but unfortunately it probably was recorded in one of a bunch of now fungi filled videotapes totally clogged which refuse to play, rewind, etc.
    And yeah, I'm pretty sure the one I need was from Channel4 Equinoxe series.

    So, ¿Is there anyone who remember this case/man/patient/episode/documentary?

    Thanks for the tip Tom!! :yep:
  5. Tony_Blend

    Tony_Blend formerly known as theLABvisuals

  6. ThomasL

    ThomasL Member

    I would suggest try youtube.
    I searched "Equnox", "Equinox Channel 4", "Vilayanur S. Ramachandran" and many results popped up.
    Else contact whoever is posting the videos...maybe he/she has what you are looking for.

    Would the show be "Phantoms in the Brain"? V.S. Ramachandran is featured in many in the series. Avaiable at youtube.

    Last edited: Feb 19, 2013
  7. SilentEclipse

    SilentEclipse PH 5.9

    Hi, Jo here

    You should be able to find what your looking for here, http://www.screenocean.com/site/search?query=equinox

    although I don't recall that exact episode...

    Screen ocean represent the channel four back catalogue but probably don't allow streaming viewing, however you could get a personal copy of the prog... but it will prob cost yah...

  8. SilentEclipse

    SilentEclipse PH 5.9

    oh! and ((((((((Brain!)))))))) ;)
  9. BrainStove

    BrainStove The Brainy Stove

    Thanks mates. We are getting closer.

    Thanks for the link Tony Blend, I've tried your suggested site up & down with no luck so far. I'll keep looking. ;)

    Yeah ThomasL, I did that many times before posting this thread here. I've pretty good experience dealing with the most obscure features of search engines & keywords use, including your suggestions, but seems like the specific documentary episode I'm looking for is more elusive than we'd like it.
    I've seen Ramachandran's "Phantoms in the Brain" serie, but without find a simple mention about the specific case/patient I'm interested in.

    Well, at this moment in time, I guess while counting with your kind atention & friendly help online, I also should try an intricate Brain Surgery Transplant Operation by myself here in my lab.
    I'm going to charge my balls with a ton of patience and will try to open up the clogged videotape cases, wipe the fungus, transplant these to another clean case mechanism & cross my fingers.
    ¡Advanced Tape Surgeon tips & hints allowed! :yep:

  10. BrainStove

    BrainStove The Brainy Stove

    Loving encounters of the third kind!!!

    My sweet Jo [size=+3](((((SilentEclipse)))))[/size] ;)

    Excellent hint that about screenocean site Jo, I've just combed their entire catalogue and the only episode which seems around the same date as when I watched/recorded the one in my quest is "Equinox: Curse Of The Phantom Limbs"
    I'm starting to suspect this John Cleese alike "Pay Atention illness" patient episode must be then from another documentary production company different from Channel4 Equinoxe. Maybe TLC or something broadcasted in the same season.
    What indeed I´m pretty sure is; it was broadcasted & videotaped by me at the same dates/videotapes where I had recorded the Equinoxe series.

    Ohh well... on my way to put on my surgical gloves!!! :pint: :Touch

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