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Hi everyone! newbie to forum

Discussion in 'Just Starting' started by FuXia, May 29, 2009.

  1. FuXia

    FuXia New Member

    Hi everyone!

    Im a newbie in the forum, also newbie to video and the vj universe. I feel very raw and a little overwhelmed by all the information ahead of me in order to be a killer vj. I have been checking the forum since some days now and Im super excited to join. I have find a lot of good and useful information.

    My equipment for now its a macbook 2006, modul8, and a sony minidv camara. I have been playing with modul8, I have read the manual, it has been very hard for me since Im completely new to anything related to video so there are a lot of technical terminology which I always research about, still, its getting a little tedious having to search word by word. So here is my question:

    Is there any complete online source about video that might be helpful for me to understand and obtain good bases?
    also...any advice?


    FuXia :D
  2. andyvj

    andyvj New Member

    hi fuxia
    welcome to the vj forum and i hope all problems are answered here
    have you tried the modul8 web site at all
    if not most of your questions could be sorted out here
  3. FuXia

    FuXia New Member

    Thank you andyvj :)
    U are right, I should give another check to the modul8 site.
    Still, I am wondering if there are good sites regarding video in general (codecs, outputs, inputs, etc...)
  4. bleep

    bleep AVA


    the first 12 months of vjing can be an overwhelming learning curve.

    imo they key is just focus on what looks good instead of getting in a tangle with to much equipment and production.

    i think some of the best earl video i made was playing with vhs tapes and my v4 ..
    Last edited: May 29, 2009
  5. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

  6. FuXia

    FuXia New Member

    seems that this rough path of knowledge is gonna be softened by all your cool advice!

    Thank you guys! :)

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