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How Much?

Discussion in 'Talk with VJs' started by Gidd, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. Gidd

    Gidd New Member

    I am a promoter who is looking for a resident VJ.
    I have some guys who have been working with me on an underground level (200 people) for free for a few months, but I am wondering what is a fair price for what they do.

    They don?t really have much equipment. I hire in the projectors & the mixing desk. they use an Mac with and a VJ program and a vhs player.

    They use programs like itunes and other freeware plugins to create backgrounds and also use some video footage that is appropriate to the event that they have borrowed from a video store and library.

    They create some of there own visuals in 3D programs which are really good. They have created logos and when the Djs are on they have the DJs name in a 3D text spinning and stuff.

    There are two of them and they play from 10pm - 2.30am

    How much? For...

    Creating each individual 3D animation ?

    Actual VJing on the night? including setting up?

    I have probably under quoted what they actually do.. If they read this they will probably ad loads of programs and stuff that I have missed.

    But for now.. How Much?

    Oh yeah!! B4 you ask..

    The Club atendance is about 900 people and there are two screens on the stage two at the other end of the room and 15 TVs these can all be wired up from the one place. They do use live video footage. but again I provide the camera.

    How much?
  2. floppytv

    floppytv New Member

    It's really great to see a promoter actually wanting to give a vj a fair deal, most that I've dealt with seem to have no concept of how much work goes into making those "pretty pictures". For every hour of live visuals, there's probably 10 hours of homework gone into it. I was actually in the same position as your vj's. Done a few free parties and been paid minimally for a few others. Also almost identical setup as them, but I work independantly, so there's only one mouth to feed. now I have one weekly gig which pays $30 (Australian) an hour, but when I do bigger parties I charge $400 for the whole night, including setup, but not including projector, etc, I just bring my computer.
    The only reason my regular gig can get away with paying me only $30 an hour is because they have everything set up on a permanent basis, including a computer, so i don't have to do a thing, i just arrive and play and leave. It sounds like your guys have put a lot of work into making your party very successful, so i'd say just ask them to tell you how much they feel they are worth. In the end, they have to set the price and if you want them, you have to pay.
  3. Primebase3

    Primebase3 Prime Member (Jules)

    give them a 1000/1500 euro budget for rent and pay, and pay for drinks. give them extra for animations for dj's or for the party.

    that's our residency deal .
  4. Gidd

    Gidd New Member

    So how much?

    In UK ?

    Creating each individual 3D animation ?

    Actual VJing on the night? including setting up?
  5. PilotX

    PilotX Tom syzygy, not Dan ;)

    I reckon that you should sit down and talk to the VJs about what they want to do it.
    If you can't come up with a reasonable answer, then base their price for the VJing on the price of your (paid) resident DJs.
    As for the animations, I have no idea how much time/effort 3D anims are, as I've never done them.

    We also use all our own equipment on gigs, so I don't think a price comparison between us and your VJs is really fair, sorry.

    I also want to echo floppytv - thankyou for realising the amount of pre-time put into visuals, and that we play all night, rather than the hour DJs usually do. It is refreshing.

    SyZyGy Visuals
  6. burstingfist

    burstingfist Manipulator of Light

    Give them $20 USD per night

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    $20 a night? please, no..thats a joke right?

    you really should sit down with them and talk about it....I suggest it might be easiest to give them a decent per hour rate for performance time (easiest to keep track of) that takes into consideration any setup/teardown as well as the custom work....

    you should also know that with two VJs you get a higher quality show than with one VJ...its much more dynamic for many reasons...you should take into consideration that you're paying for two but that doesn't mean their rate should be twice that of a solo VJ....

    also, (if they're like every other VJ I know) any money they make will go right back into equipment....so the more you pay them, the better stuff they'll get and the better show YOU'LL get :)
  8. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    I'm sure the $20 was a joke LEV

    I agree that an hourly performance fee is the way to go. And also on the great comment about most of the money going back into gear, so the promoter gets a better show next time... soooooo true

    I have to disagree on the 2 VJs is ALWAYS better than one thing, firstly I work with another VJ (spook) a fair bit and we have a ball and there is a great energy between us that does make for awesome shows, HOWEVER I have (and still do) solo shows that I feel are equal to my work with other VJs (especially when I am in THE ZONE), also shows with more than one VJ can be a hassle logically, egotistically (damn arrogant video clip producers GRRR) and just if the energy doesn't happen....... actually this leads me to think I might post another thread on this topic :)
  9. labmeta

    labmeta Moderator

    i provide vj`s for small bars quite oftenly to similar size venues. Personally i always pitch as 15 - 25 pound an hour (depending on popularity and potential bar takings) to mix plus equipment and travel expenses. Production of footage is seperate job altogether really, you should discuss some kind of day rate with them perhaps - for production alone.

    However if there are like myself i`m sure whatever you pay them it will probaly all go back into vjing, so more wages for them will benefit you in the long run.
  10. Primebase3

    Primebase3 Prime Member (Jules)

    Don't know the ponds but if you have a 1000/1500 euro budget. you'll let the vj/vj crew get the stuff they need (which is the most expensive: beamer(s) screen(s) and mixer rentals) and what's left is for them. ofcourse if the equipment is already there then a deduction is in order : 500/650 euro for a set and not including extra animations. if you do a set during new year then the price boosts.

    for the extra animations exclusively to you organisation as an extra service that's up to them: they will have an hourly rate for creating the video's which they could send to you on top of the normal bill.

    in any case and this is for vj's all around give them the content and mixing skills and they will return the favor money wise. it's a business .don't sell yourself short


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