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How to VJ Manual

Discussion in 'Just Starting' started by kattyb, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. kattyb

    kattyb Talk to the Paw

    Hmm.. well, maybe not quite that, but at least somewhere to start if you're looking to get into PC-based VJing using Resolume. I thought I'd try a grand title to get your attention this time ;)

    We created this 30-odd page handbook last year for the Painting with Light courses we were running, and were going to develop it into a 'proper' book, but now realise we won't have time to do that this year.

    So.. it's using Resolume 2.3 (current version is 2.4) but may still be of some use.

    And please... don't pirate software. Bart and Edwin have put so much effort into making Resolume what it is. If you're going to use it at gigs, buy Resolume!

    You can download our little manual here, free for your personal use:


    and the software used in the workshops here:


    Enjoy, newbs!
  2. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    wow a fairly comprehensive starter kit. This should definately be articled on vjcentral and I'll see if I can sticky your link somewhere. Other tutorials should also be posted here too :)
  3. kattyb

    kattyb Talk to the Paw

    Thanks :)
  4. CRAbS

    CRAbS commander

    many thanks

    thanks for the workshop.
    i'm going to read it soon (when i have a couple of day's of)
    here in holland i've seen a group of artist doing something like it using light to paint. they let there audience play with several lamps and lightbulbs wich they filmed and projected on a big screen.
  5. Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko pixel jockey


    dear kat,

    this is the single greatest / most helpful thing ive found to help me (a humble vj n00b) learn since joining these forums.

    cant wait to read the whole thing cover to cover

    i saw you on createdigitalmotion too ^____^ i was all "omgitskattybfromvjforums" neato
    like the time i realised holly = holly daggers
    all these superstar vjs here
    /fanboy swoon

    thanks again :)
    now get yer collective butts to sydney pronto plz!
  6. kattyb

    kattyb Talk to the Paw

    lol... wow, a VJ fanboy, I'm honoured. Although Jasper and Eric (Holly's partner) might be a bit jealous :p

    How about you come over to Perth? This event we're running in December would be purrfect for a lady-VJ fanboy:


    As well as the vintage AV night with Severed Heads and Morph:


    Hope to meet you in December!
  7. Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko pixel jockey


    "omgcanyousignmyfairlight" ^____^

    would love to come to perth, but student budget says no : (
  8. paranoidkarma

    paranoidkarma ** VISUAL ADDICT **

    get a room... ;D
  9. Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko pixel jockey

    my gf might not like it : P
  10. kattyb

    kattyb Talk to the Paw

    lol... get her into VJing, then you can just be her personal lady-VJ fanboy :queenofhe
  11. Diogofx

    Diogofx New Member

  12. tangerine

    tangerine cheap and juicy

    Thanks so much for the manual!!

    It's really helpfull for someone just starting out like myself..
  13. vdmoKstaTi

    vdmoKstaTi Seems to be Right Now

    Shouldn't this be topic called.. How to VJ using Resolume? :)

    // i had a de ja vu ... weird
  14. kattyb

    kattyb Talk to the Paw

    I was assuming most people would read the actual POST. The title was a joke, as the post explains. Geez.
  15. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    The manual is far more in depth than resolume alone, plus resolume has many features availabile in other software. You can't expect 48 different how to manuals now canya?
  16. 1onliner

    1onliner New Member

    Hey, that sounds very interesting. Could you give me some more info on painting with light?

  17. Dope

    Dope dope member

    the link is dead, would somebody upload it again somewhere?
  18. kattyb

    kattyb Talk to the Paw

    Works fine for me...
  19. Dope

    Dope dope member

    so it seems that im only one who can't open that link. im tried with firefox and safari and no success. well its sad
  20. chillinjhed2

    chillinjhed2 New Member

    Found good article online for start-up

    The article was found at International DJ magazine online written by a
    Ross Web.

    The following is copy and paste as i felt had good advice for starters***************************************>

    Want to get started as a VJ? Then step right this way! Ross Web of the Twisted Focus team kicks off our new VJing tutorial series...

    VJing is one of the hottest things to get clubland pumping in years! Using visuals and creating immersive environments where clubbers can escape and find themselves has always been the intention of club culture, and adding VJing to the mix takes things to the next level. With new cheaper projectors, more powerful laptops, amazing software and the ability to hook them all together, VJing is exploding around the world.

    In this series we are going to look at what is driving the growing VJ movement, with a focus on practical things you can do to get into this growing part of club culture. We are going to look at some of the top VJing applications such as ArKaos, as well showing you how to create your own clips and how to get hold of other people’s. Finally, I’ll be telling you what to expect on the night of your first gig and how to really make an impression on your audience.

    Promoters have started to accept the idea of hiring VJs because clubbers remember the night as an amazing experience, and clubs are beginning to see the need to give clubbers a more intense clubbing experience. The Screen in Helsinki, Finland is one the top clubs for VJs to play, as the club focuses on the visuals as much as the music. It is run by Micko Iho, who believes that in order to be a great VJ you need to be resourceful with the materials, and understand the feelings of the crowd and your role in the club. He says a VJ should also understand how to cooperate with the light designers, since lighting is one of the most important things in a club after the DJs. VJs shouldn’t try to work on their own.

    Indeed, one of the strengths Twisted Focus has had as a team is that one of our members has been a professional lighting engineer for 11 years. VJing isn’t just about technical expertise – you still need to work a crowd. When cooperating with the light designers, the effect of the breaks and more peaceful parts in the music can be much more intense than it might otherwise be. Micko believes the Screen’s success attests to this.

    VJing - part 1 page 2
    Even booking agents are starting to realise the potential of VJing. Dee Horton of the Excession agency says “a club night without visuals and a good VJ is like watching a movie without a soundtrack”. She feels audio and video belong together, and judging by the crowd response when working closely with a good DJ, we definitely agree. ArKaos are being very supportive of this tutorial series and, together with Twisted Focus, will be posting clips and VJ-specific files online for iDJ readers to download and start practising with. We’d encourage you to take what we give you and really start mixing them up. Who knows: you could be the Sasha of the VJ world!

    What you need
    To get going, we are going to assume you have access to a PC/Mac and the Internet. I will be showing you where to download clips, VJing software and more advanced editing techniques and tools. It would be a good idea to download a demo copy of ArKaos from www.arkaos.net and install it before next month’s tutorial. Its really easy and if you need any help, just email support@arkaos.net.

    Remember, VJing is still in its infancy, and you will get the most out of it by being part of the growing community. A lot of that is online, and the scene is incredibly helpful. Get registered on the community side of www.vjcentral.com and contribute! Join forums.arkaos.net and ask questions. Remember, the more of your own work that you share, the more other VJs will share with you. A lot of VJs have built up their visual libraries by swapping clips. Even if it’s just some scenes shot with an old camera and scanned into PhotoShop, we all had to start somewhere. The real lesson here is just get started – don’t worry about trying to create professional movie quality clips yet.

    In the future, more and more clubs will understand the importance of VJing and will invest in ever better equipment as the prices keep dropping. As many clubbers feel they’ve already heard the top DJs and been to the top clubs, club culture will invest in its future by giving clubbers what they have always wanted: a great escape into the night whilst being blown away with visuals intensifying the sounds we love so much.

    Next month we are going to look at some of the top VJ software packages available and delve deeper into ArKaos and find out why it’s so hot in VJ circles. Oh, and don’t rush out to buy a digicam just yet – I’ll also be showing you some places to find great clips online.

    Ross Web


    VIDEOADDCT New Member

    many thanxx,excellent work,best regards
  22. magiclantern

    magiclantern New Member

  23. Streamswitch

    Streamswitch New Member

    This manual is proving to be very helpful to a beginner, many thanks for the heads up! :D
  24. john yardie

    john yardie New Member

    thanks alot
  25. NeoArod

    NeoArod New Member

    awesome this is just what i've been looking for for the past few days, thanx.
  26. Taika

    Taika New Member


    Is the manual still there ? The link does not work and I have tried with few different computers and browsers...maybe someone can upload it to somewhere else or something ?
  27. VJzoo

    VJzoo its a fairlight!

    Hi Taika

    our site seems to be down..hopefully it should be back up soon and then you can grab the manual :)
  28. zeropoint

    zeropoint New Member

    link still not working.....:(
  29. VJzoo

    VJzoo its a fairlight!

    just tried it out and it seems to be working fine. :)
  30. zeropoint

    zeropoint New Member

    must have been a bad day for links.....just downloaded. thanks....

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