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idea for installation

Discussion in 'The Backstage' started by Anders, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Anders

    Anders Member

    Hey im hoping on some feed back for this idea, we are doing an installation in a very large room (650 sqa meters) 7 meters high.

    Our idea is to build a circle with 2 meters of fabric hanging down, the circle will be 5,67 m in diagonal , and in the middle have a platform with 9 projectors shooting all the way around from inside the circle.

    I was hoping to do the cirkle in, the same materiel as tent poles are made of, it flexible and strong and can easily be put together.

    Im not sure about the fabric, was planning on using OPERA® until i found out what it costs, so now im looking around for something thats cheeper(prob cotton fabric)
  2. vanakaru

    vanakaru I've given money to VJForums

    There is a lots of posts about projectable fabrics here. Do search.
    I am using various materials for special shape screens all the time. First, forget cotton and make sure your fabric is fireproofed. Second, forget tent pole fiberglass rods for 6m dia circle. You need lighting truss to support your fabric hanging strait down and to hang this size flexible circle horizontally 7m high is something I would never take on.

    For your cylinder shape screen I would get canvas that is used for advert printing - Artist Heavy or Lightex. It is kind of stiff canvas with excellent projecting abilities(both rear and front). You need to figure how to hang it strait from circular truss. Look into holdon system(swedish company) fasteners.

    But if you look for wavy, floating in the air, fluffy and very light arrangement then use voile
  3. Anders

    Anders Member

    Ohh the fabric will only hang down 2 meters, so it a total of 17*2 meters of canvas. Why not use Fire Retardant Spray on cotton or some other fabric ?

    I think voile is difficult to work with, first of it has to much light dispersion and it lets way much light pass, and if your layer it the first problem just gets doubled.

    the smart thing about the tent poles, is that it is flexible and we can make the circle the exact size it needs to be and it will be super light weight, i think to make this work it needs to be secured at least 6 places in the roof, but that being said i completely agree with you that its not the best materiel for the job, but a lighting rig for something that ways under 4-5 kg spread out over such an large area seems kind of overkill.
  4. devonmiles

    devonmiles Midi: the language of God

    hi Anders, we build a similiar installation using this fabric from ebay
    it can be flameproofed with the B1 retardant.
    the fabric has very good rear projection properties, only drawback is quite visible hotspots depending on the position of the projectors.
    we used a standard 3 point alu trussing circle of 5 meters diameter to attach everything to. initially we thought about building our own circular rigg but after indepth research regards safety and stability we ditched the idea. total estimated cost for a custom build structure that would meet the safety standards for public events were exceeding 1000 euros. additionally the whole thing had to be inspected by an approved counselor adding another 450 euros on top.
    17 m circumference is not a small thing ones it hangs over the heads of some people and the last thing you want is projectors crashing down.
    also notize that 5.76 meters diameter gives you 17,83 meters circumference, which can make a crucial difference when you spec your projectors, every cm counts...
    we used 5 projectors attached to the trussing with this craddles
    modified with mafrotto superclamps to retain maximum of flexibility.
    the more projetors you add to the system the longer it takes to align them properly especially if you want edgeblending.
    we ditched edgeblending for now but it will be possible with 6 projectors, when we have upgraded our machine to a 12 core 32 GB macpro.
    when you come in august you can play on the new and refined setup. the recent premiere run was pretty succesfull and we could even capture the vga output from the guest VJ into the machine without a problem. if you have any more questions about our setup you can contact me anytime.
  5. Anders

    Anders Member

    Yes yes, its dropped, what attracted it to me was the idea that we could separate the screen and the projector base on ground and test it there, and it was in this giant room with 2 stages, i shorten the numbers in here but the math shud be right :)

    But anyway, you where all right it is way to unsafe, and the result would be much better with 3 outputs and a decent rig so im saving it for a time when there is a budget for it, think im doing some fashion show out there in the fall and they usually have a bit more money to play around with :)

    there are giant walls out there since threes 7 meters to the selling so im going out there now and just doing my 3head thing which i think will be decent enough :)

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