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iMixHD 1.0 - control TV-One 1t-c2-750 DVI Scaler

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by vjfader, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. vjfader

    vjfader Audio Video Artist


    The first release of iMixHD software is available for download (PC/MAC). It is a controller and MIDI bridge app designed to control fade and other functions of TV One 1T-C2-750 Dual DVI Scaler in real-time. Check out the demo video.

    Basically you can mix two DVI sources for cheap, around $800 for the hardware unit plus RS-232 (serial) to USB cable. For VGA or HDMI inputs you can use an adaptor.

    You will need the hardware to use iMixHD software. This is an open source project, Processing source code is available for download.


  2. vjfader

    vjfader Audio Video Artist

  3. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

  4. shado

    shado Psychedelic Television


    VJ Fader, it is so wonderful that you made this happen! Now I guess I'll have to save up some money again because I ended up spending my gear budget on other equipment
  5. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    Awesomeness X10!!
  6. monsho

    monsho some kinda member

    Excellent, tried it this morning and it works well - nice one for doing this!
  7. jimmyogenic

    jimmyogenic I've given money to VJForums

    just working on this at the moment... all works really well, but with one problem...

    Its all working, but it loses the midi controls after 30 secs.. It can be solved by going into setup and scrolling through the serial ports detected and selecting the usb to rs232 again, but then it goes again, Its fustrating to have to do this every minute :(

    any advice as its so close be being used for 2x5hr gigs, and we'd love to do a review..

    we've tried with 3 different midi controllers.. could it be the usb to rs232? or possibly does it need a firmware upgrade? (don't worry sleepy we wouldn't do it without asking you first ;) )
  8. cat

    cat Senior Moments

    I'd pick another brand of USB to rs232, as they a bit shonky at the best of times...
  9. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    I've not soak tested iMixHD

    try downloading my quartz comp Jim and running it with that. I have run this comp for several days without losing midi / rs232 connectivity.

    But i use an expresscard -> serial or a real serial port, so it could be the USB thing causing the issue (though the one you have is pretty decent)
  10. jimmyogenic

    jimmyogenic I've given money to VJForums

    trying various things out at the moment. We bought another usb to rs232 and it works for longer (say 5 mins) then it stops. Imixhd still works with midi, but the connection to the switcher is broken. As soon as you reset the ihdmix settings and reconnect the usb to rs232 it work again, so i'm thinking it might be the usb cutting out.

    Is there such a thing as firewire > rs232 as this might be a more stable way as i'm running 3 midi devices via automap.. going to try and see if touch osc works...

    Sleepy can you send me a link to the qc patch?

  11. cat

    cat Senior Moments

    Try with no other USB devices plugged in, or try a powered hub, it's probably just not getting enough juice, rs232 is analogue shit, needs some v's
  12. Leofs

    Leofs VJ Leo

    Known Issue

    Hi fellow VJs.

    Thanks for all that tried the software.
    Fader on the fist release mentioned that we had this problem.

    There is a new version that correct this problem to be released.
    Its has been already coded. I was adding more features to the software. But I will release a better working version with out the new new stuff.

    Please let us know what new features you would like to see on the software. We will see if the box can do it, and put it on our development roadmap.

  13. jimmyogenic

    jimmyogenic I've given money to VJForums


    Thats great to hear :)

    when do you think the next version will be out as we have a couple of big gigs in a weeks time and would love to road test it...

    I'll have a think about other features, but a proper transform button similar to the v4/v8 would be our most want feature!
  14. dr-error

    dr-error New Member

    mac slow :( response

    Leo and Fader, what a nice job to share ImixHD! Finaly an HD mixer which suits in a laptopbag! I can't wait to try any of your updates in the future!

    I'm running imixhd on an 2.4 core2duo with a regular usb>rs232. I tried both OSX and windows. I notice a big difference in responsiveness of the TVOne 1T-C2-750. On OSX, if I slide a fader from 0>100 it seems that the 'fade' is stuttering in 8 or less steps. On windows the fade is seemles and very pleasing! I tried different macs, two different rs232 devices and two 750's. All with the same result.
    Is anyone experiencing the same issues?

    ahhhh, Problem solved! just tried today's update.... great work guys!
    Midi trough is a great feature !!!!!

    I'd like to share my personal feature wishlist;
    - keying with colorpicker
    - move and scale
    - store and recall buttons for presets
    - alpha sliders for TC1 and TC2
    - manipulate borders
    - big buttons for touchscreen
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2011
  15. Leofs

    Leofs VJ Leo

    New Version


    Version 1.01 is available for download!
    New features:
    - Background Color Picker (UV).
    - Background Luma Slider (Y).
    - Faster response when changing only one value.
    - MIDI Out (sends received Midi Notes and CC messages to a device - like IAC Driver on MacOS and MIDI Yoke on PC)
    - Cut buttons are instantaneous.

    - Bug that would make the communication to the box freeze.
    - Memory overflow.



    Download links available at: www.neuromixer.com/imixhd/

    Happy HD Mixing.
  16. vjfader

    vjfader Audio Video Artist

    Thanks for posting your feature request. You can already change the alpha of TC1 and TC2 if you select it as your source for Window A or B.

    Please try the latest build version 1.01, improved performance and added control for the third color layer.
  17. dr-error

    dr-error New Member


    Ahhh, foolish of me; so happy with your update! I'm gonna use it in action this saturday...
  18. haris

    haris lightmotion

    Does imixHD need big processing power computer to run or it's not CPU dependent (so I can make it work on netbook lets say atom based) ?
  19. R0m4n

    R0m4n New Member

    It's rather simple MIDI-RS232 interface to control TV-One 1t-c2-750 DVI Scaler (low CPU consumption)
  20. Leofs

    Leofs VJ Leo


    Yes, R0m4n, is right, its a very low CPU and Memory consuming application.
    On a test I just ran on Intel Core Notebook PC it uses about 16M of ram and 20 of CPU, CPU and memory should not increase with use.

    If you detect any situation of the program taking too much machine resources, please post to this thread.

    Oh! and keep sending feedback and wishes!

  21. werlin

    werlin nDisplay

    i came to ask that same thing...
    so if i understand correctly, any old\low level laptop can run it even without a dedicated gfx... the scaler does all the heavy lifting, right?

    cause i still have a Pentium2 in the corner :D

    keep up the good work, e obrigado :cheers:
  22. Leofs

    Leofs VJ Leo

    Use your performance computer

    Hi Werlin,

    You dont need a dedicated machine to run the software. My suggestion is to run the software on the same computer you use to perform.

    Im very curious to know how was the experience for other users.

  23. dr-error

    dr-error New Member

    working fine!

    I ran iMixHD on the same computer together with Modul8 on a macbookpro core2duo 2.4 ghz. I used a behringer 2000bcr simultaneous for modul8 and iMixHD which worked without any glitches for 4 hours. My opinion: iMixHD can run on the same machine as your visuals software!
  24. deanbob

    deanbob ::CHECKTHISPECKER::

    Anyone have a link to a relatively cheap RS232 cable that will work on Mac?

    The two I have bought so far both claimed they would and I'm about £5 out of pocket by now :rolleyes:

    Beside that I have had the unit working perfectly on my works PC, thanks to all involved for sharing this with the community!
  25. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

  26. werlin

    werlin nDisplay

    even better :D

    btw, just curious and pardon my ignorance, but can this work with more than two sources of video? and hierarchically, like say you have 2 separate mixes producing a 3rd final mix, totaling 4 sources on the same matrix?
  27. deanbob

    deanbob ::CHECKTHISPECKER::

  28. Leofs

    Leofs VJ Leo

    Actually if you want to mix more sources, you can use a switcher to input to A or B. just find a switcher that outputs, dvi, hdmi, or VGA.

    Computer A => to switcher1 inputA
    HD Camera => to switcher1 inputB
    SD Camera => to switcher1 inputB

    switcher1 output => Tvone input A.

  29. asperi

    asperi New Member

    iMixHD and TH2g ?

    Has anyone had any problem running this with a matrox TripleHead2go? Wondering since the usb to power and control the TH2go would need to come from somewhere. Sounds like the max this box can do for 3x would be 1920x480 = Triple 640x480.. Wishing for 3084x768, 60Hz = 3 at 1024x768 60 Hz.. But dont get me wrong, this is still all very cool, and thanks to Fader and all the cats that made iMixHD

  30. PCProject

    PCProject Moderator

    Doesnt your power come from a 12v transformer and mini jack?
    Mine does.

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