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Interesting projects and unusual vjing?

Discussion in 'Resonance' started by Lara, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Lara

    Lara alllgood

    I was inspired this year seeing some lovely video works in the Synergy gallery at avit..... I thought it would be good to hear about unusual vj projects that vjs are doing... installations, crazy performances etc?

    Or any you've seen or done before.... I heard about that one at ContactEurope in Austria, about the performance piece with costumes made from x-rays. It sounded amazing. :yep:
  2. hi Lara,

    we've translated a Stockhausen partition ("Pole fur zwei") to parameters for the MX50 with dual feedback and source noise settings. The piece is made for two musicians, who evoke 'events' (in this case: sounds from an AM radio and samples from old AM-broadcasts) and reproduce them according to the written down parameters with their instruments (cellotron, a midi controlling custom violoncello developped for Arne Deforce by the soundengineers at CRFMW and a realtime sampling laptop and software by Eavesdropper). We've played the piece once already in january at www.concertgebouw.be and we'll be playing it again february 12&13 at Stuk in Leuven (near brussels). According to Stockhausens notes, the instrument is actually the room we're in, and the soundengineers also have a partition, because they have to send the different soundfeeds to different speakers , creating wicked spatial effects with the sound? (it ought to be a 360 degree setup for the speakers, both horizontally and vertically, but it had to be narrowed down to the horizontal axe only, because of the budget)

    and we've just made a videotrack to sync with the audiotape that is used in Laborintus II, an avant garde musictheatre/opera by the Italian composer Luciano Berio (He used to be a teacher at Mills college in the usa I think) made in 1965. Apparently, in those days, it was the only way to insert 'controllable' electronics in a musical piece. it's on tape so thats not really vj'ing anymore, but if you're playing with an orchestra consisting of 18 (some world renowned) professional musicians, 11 singers and a speaker, playing safe is the only, and in the end easiest, option? I hope to put it online soon.

  3. ecin

    ecin triggerMotion

    here's an installation a bit different form the norm that we did for this years City Wide Open Studios in New Haven, CT - i didn't want to shoot video on another flat rectangular screen, i wanted a sculpture to project onto.

  4. scarab

    scarab ||-|tell|-|a|-|vision|-||

    we did a feedback dance installation once.
    and a tube, dance installation... you cannot see very good on the pictures... because it was projected from back, you could only see the dancing shadows inside very fluid-footage... it was very nice...


  5. labmeta

    labmeta Moderator

    Scarab, Your feedback panaorama looks beautiful, i`m really liking that:)

    well i just thought i would add one of my first visual inspirations that was sort of live vjing with slides that used to go down in my local live band venue.

    It was a slide projector show programmed on an AVL genisis suite.
    BAsicaly a bank of nine aligned slide projectors programmed to triggger at certain times. This guy used to write his own control tracks onto minidisc so he could cylce the projectors at different speeds. The he would dance around in front of the projectors useing his hands to mask off different beams of images to create an incredibaly complex sequence of strobing images cutting and fading between sources. Really really nice considering the technology.

    Wish i had some pictures.....

    But that initially spurned me and me partner into doing live slide installations in clubs. again i wish i had some pictures. i`m so terrible at documenting this stuff.
  6. cinepires

    cinepires António Pires

    unusual Vjing

    well i did an nitbut party once with VIDEO PROJECTION in the big back glass ... it was really cool because the Bus was actualy driving by city night and we stop on regular bus stops and people enter For Fun ... maybe we do it again, theres lot of advertises how want the nitbusvideo every weekends...



    http://www.vjforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=4432&highlight=nit bus
  7. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    Spoken word with projections...

    I know this guy out in the Midwest(US), that incorporates costumes and projections into his shows. TJ Richter...ever heard of him?

    LEVLHED gear whoreder

    yeah we had TJ Richter use the rooftop space @ AVIT, NA in Chicago June 03...he did the whole night, we were very happy to have him and it was perfect for what had going on.
    We had some pics online at some point...
  9. JodyDigitalMan

    JodyDigitalMan Elephant Report Crew

    I used sensors to trigger video in one installation.
    I also used a brain wave reader to trigger visuals and sound in one performance in the netherlands.

    you can take a peek @ The Elephant Report release 2.0

    you can find it under reports.

    Blue skies,

    Next Visual Performances
    21.11 Halle 101, Speyer, Germany with Ritchie Hawtin & Umek
    22.11 Loft Club, Ludwigshafen, Germany with George Morel

    The Elephant Report release 2.0

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