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Is Dimension7 in San Francisco still around? Or another SF collective?

Discussion in 'The Meeting Point' started by SubliminalTwin, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. SubliminalTwin

    SubliminalTwin New Member

    Hi everyone,

    New VJ here. I've been experimenting with creating original video art for the last three years, and am finally beginning my transition into VJing and live video mixing. I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area and am looking for VJ collectives.

    I googled for a while and eventually discovered the Dimension 7 Studio on 150 Folsom, where there are (or, used to be) VJ meetups and events (Video Salon, Iron VJ, etc). But it seems like all the D7 sites I visit haven't been updated in several years. (http://dimension7.com/legacy/) I also tried to email the contact addresses but they didn't go through.

    I was just wondering if D7 still exists, and if there is a place I can get updated information on it? If not, is there another place in San Francisco where VJs meet up and mix together?
  2. Williebenign

    Williebenign New Member


    I VJ and I live in Oakland.
    How's it going?
    -will erokan

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