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Kinect Camera Media Programmer Wanted ::: Programmer

Discussion in 'New Job Offers' started by stevefromNewcastle, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Looking for: Programmer
    Contact Details: info@trans-mission.tv

    Hi Everyone I am working with a client in London who is looking for some multimedia programming for a project which goes live the end of April.

    We need someone with experience of working with the kinect camera, tracking single skeletons and creating polished interactions, in addition to the skeleton tracking we need to be able to play and control HD video and control playback through OSC. I am not to fussed about which platform as long as it is reliable and capable.

    If you are interested and having experience and are free to complete the project between now and April drop me an email and I can provide more details, including a specification, timescale and budgets.


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