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Discussion in 'Just Starting' started by asterix, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    Strongly recommended that anyone interested in learning how to make content, and produce audiovisual shows should check out this website:



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  2. werlin

    werlin nDisplay

    :confused: What is it that you're saying ?!?!?!

    :cool: FREE AV eLEARNING ?!?!?!

    :eek: Given by life long professionals ?!?!?!

    nice to see this here ;) definitely a must
    It does not only feature content creation, but there are:

    -history classes
    -music theory
    -hardware tips
    ... amongst many other subjects

    so if you like it, tell a friend :yep:
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  3. nirav.chhajed

    nirav.chhajed New Member

    i have completed the course on this website and its really really helpful , i think all vj's just starting up, should visit this site :)
  4. Dgodinho

    Dgodinho New Member

    Thank you.

    I believe that is one of the sexiest things I've ever laid eyes on. Thank you x 1 million.
  5. 6071842

    6071842 I've given money to VJForums

    anyone else looked into this?
  6. Birdiedaboy

    Birdiedaboy Cyborg in Command


    this is a really good page, alot of basic information in here, it will help you understand everything! it is the easiest way to get started!
  7. PixShake

    PixShake ----

    Excellent site.

    Thx a lot.
  8. celluloidboy

    celluloidboy VJ of the highest order..

    I am looking to get into this as an evening hobby. I work in IT but want to do things that I find....FUN with it.

    Any recomendations on where to start?
  9. celluloidboy

    celluloidboy VJ of the highest order..

    How come us noobs canna use the quick reply!
  10. alfaleader

    alfaleader Member

    AV:in is the best way to start. It really gives you the basic knowledge you need, and after you have seen the tutorials it's time to play with the vj programs (resolume, modul8, vdmx...) and see what's the best program that suits your need.

    Good luck!
  11. Thanks!

    I can't quite express enough how grateful I am to everyone who's made this website. I came to VJ Forums today in an attempt to find some kind of guidance on getting started in VJing, as I have tried to do so many times, and always get stuck at the hurdle of actually making a large library of content to work with. Suddenly, one evening of trying to teach myself to VJ becomes one evening trying to work through a particular issue with a project in AfterEffects, and progress becomes so slow I put it off for another few weeks.

    Hopefully with this course I'll have a more concrete set of goals to achieve and better general guidance so I can really get stuck into VJing.

    Anyway, the point is, thank you a thousand times over!
  12. alfaleader

    alfaleader Member

    After effects is really hard for beginners, but videocopilot is a good start (it's all special effects, but it gives a great look at the basics of AE).

    You can always use loops from free sites (flxer and vjvault, Analog recycling loop pack...). It's better to vj with clips that are not from yourself than not to vj ;) But your own clips are always preferable!
  13. tvargentine

    tvargentine New Member

    The Academy

    I started the online courses a few weeks back. it has set a foundation of basic knowledge that surpasses any other FREE course out there.
    You touch on a little bit of everything and personally it opened my eyes to new and interesting techniques and ideas.
  14. Jurassicpig

    Jurassicpig New Member

    Just what i was looking for, many thanks!
  15. GeedeeONE

    GeedeeONE New Member


    thank you for that superb site! a great tip!
  16. Chalky

    Chalky New Member

    Thanks for this link. Only just decided to take up VJing within the last 2-3 weeks or so, looks useful, will check it out! :D
  17. inkyotogrand

    inkyotogrand New Member

    Here is another thank you.
  18. Mas_Peyang

    Mas_Peyang New Member

    im a newbie

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  19. wrkpro

    wrkpro New Member

    A great way to make an informative start. Thank you!

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