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Linux VJ software

Discussion in 'Software' started by klemen, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. klemen

    klemen gwost.com VJ-s

  2. rep

    rep New Member

    a small list :
    you can try gephex, freej, veejay, m0b, effectv,
    and also you may have a look to the dyne:bolic distribution
  3. vvarp

    vvarp sub

    imho currently there is only 2 apps which are useable: veejay (http://veejay.dyne.org) and gephex (http://gephex.org) - there is also one very promising tool called drone (http://drone.ws) but its very beta ATM..

    for realtime video mixing (based on samples/clips) i recommend you veejay (its important to use development version because new gui was introduced few days ago and it rocks ;)). at first look whole veejay concept can be difficult to understand but dont give up too fast ;) as website says its a really powerful "visual instrument and video sampler"...
  4. Esotic

    Esotic Fine Ass Posts

    What kind of file formats/codecs are you using in Linux?

  5. vvarp

    vvarp sub

    ffmpeg is used for video enc/dec-oding so avi/mjpeg is the best choice ;)
  6. iKande

    iKande .:vj::solid:.

    i use linux exclusively on my computer and have for years, i've got to the point of hating every second i use windows because of it's refusal to cooperate with me in the way i've come to expect.

    i've been using veejay for quite a while now. it took ages to learn but it was definately worth it. It can use a number of different file formats. i currently use avi/mjpeg. i noticed by accident that the avi jpeg output from blender loads straight up into veejay and have since been having a field day sending clips back and forth between them, adding 3D and motion in blender and then remixing in veejay. i think blender is the perfect compiliment the veejay on linux. i use the video sequencer the most and adding veejay's clips as textures on 3d objects is very fun :)

    as for the other softwares, i can't say that they've been very useful for me. gephex shows some promise but i haven't used it very much, it didn't like freej at all and effectv is only good for stream fx. back is the days when vloopback still worked in a current kernel i was sending the output of veejay though a chain of three effectvs set up as a 2x2 tile on screen, that was good fun but vloopback's been broken for a while

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