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[london] getting a job editing or working with video...

Discussion in 'The Business Side' started by makemassair, May 10, 2007.

  1. makemassair

    makemassair makemassair.co.uk

    besides www.mandy.com what other specialist websites and publications are there to try and get employment working with editing/DV post production etc...

    I've come across a few runner jobs and some very short term things. but I really need something that pay's me at least a survivalable wage and is something a bit longer than 2 months.

    Or do any of you lot work in places that might be recruiting? I'm moving down in early early July.

    PM/Email/Myspam etc
  2. labmeta

    labmeta Moderator

    Mandy is good, and i think the grapevine is ok,

    but serioulsy you need to call people and visit them, show your face. in the post company i work at i do alot of the recruitment, and the ones that get work are the ones that visit the office to drop in their reel, have a talk, check out the studio, we rarely advertise.

    we're not after anyone at the moment though, sorry and good luck with your search.
  3. vj_jasper

    vj_jasper imagination

    that sounds like the best advice from visualnaut. people make the world go 'round... a business can source talent from anywhere, so they need to be 'sold' on you, and that involves time, intuition, perseverance, and clear demonstration of talent. oh yeah, and social ability... like, being able to talk about the appropriate sports events, etc ... or perhaps that is more as a Director, who schmoozes the big-paying clients.

    also, show your showreel to friends who have worked at the level you are aiming for... accept their criticisms, and find a way to remain truthful to your own sense of style, while at the same time tailoring the material into a series of three different targeted reels.

    one for music videos

    one showreel for general editing

    and one showreel for slick, clean, corporate, etc.
    if you wonder about including a clip, leave it out. just use the best of the best - quality over quantity. a broad spectrum of work can be then supplied if they wish to see more.
  4. makemassair

    makemassair makemassair.co.uk

    well visiting is a bit hard at mo being based 3.5 hours away up north. but I value the comments :D . I currently work in recruitment for the NHS up here.

    What kinda work do you do? I don't really have the experience to try and be self employed and do short term contractual work.

    hadn't heard about grapevine :gag: but shall look into it.
  5. makemassair

    makemassair makemassair.co.uk

    wicked. well I have some promo work for music videos and edit work. But no corp. stuff. Never came up at Uni nor since then.
  6. vj_jasper

    vj_jasper imagination

    just think up innovative ways of static-yet-moving framing and you'll be rockin'.

    there is a particular email list in australia, specifically for job offers to AE and FCP compositors/editors. i cannot remember the name right now, something trendy-yet-obscure... nyway, it is not immediately obvious and i only know about it because a friend told me. so if you could find a similar list for London, and be the person they are looking for, then work may flow more swiftly.

    perhaps try AV work with staging companies, whilst looking for editing work. also, during the search for work, look at all the art on the walls of twenty agencies as you do your weekly rounds of places, dropping in CV, saying hi, etc. see what people think is cool right now.... and reproduce that if you can. remember, any printed 'look' you see should be able to be achieved in video.

    also, consider doing an After Effects tutorial every three days. if you have any Trapcode plugins, learn to use them thoroughly.

    why tutorials? the simple reason that with the increase of knowledge, your confidence to envisage successful post-production output increases, and therefore can make ideas happen more easily.

    there may be other apps you prefer, anyway the general idea remains the same.
  7. makemassair

    makemassair makemassair.co.uk

    yes I need to get on with the learning of AE. I know FCP fairly well for editing. Not overly well for colour correction yet.

    Getting on well with Motion thou.

    cheers J.
  8. labmeta

    labmeta Moderator

    film/video production and post production for music promos, feature films, animated shorts and corporates.

    if your that far away, get in touch by phone, least they'll know of you by the time you make it down. then you can just remind them when your in town.
  9. vjrei

    vjrei Miami Caracas New York


    When I was in the states I was living in Connecticut 45 minutes from Manhattan. I started to call everyone from CT and then I always found a place to spend the night at some ones while during the day I started the visits and the door knocking.

    Many times people just stoped what they were doing to start to call friends and ask for places for me just because they have been where you are now.

    Just invite everybody for lunch or for a coffe, do a lot of networking and go for it all the way.

    Today a colege of mine told me again: you have to please a lot in this industry. And this guy has a huge production company now and he is less educated than me, he is getto stile but he has incredible good clients.

    So, go and do what ever it takes specially if you are young. I am 32 and when I was 25 I lost tons of chances just because I wanted to be rich by 27. Now I am doing everything again in the right way, boing humble and all that.

    Try to make at least 5 visits per day and you will get a good taste of the industry.
  10. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    I have finlly managed to get a video editing job with a film and video company here in Colorado, starting first with them by sub-contracting out their extra work. It wasn't much work, but was a foot in the door, and when one of their saleried staff moved on, the door was opened for me.
    Another way to get in the door is the obvious one. Find a production company that takes on interns, and get the actual experience..
  11. makemassair

    makemassair makemassair.co.uk

    cheers guys.

    I know a dude who use to be a runner at a post production house. And is now still working there for a decent wage... I've been thinking about this job a fair bit. Money will be really hard and I imagine I'll rack up more debt but it is something I want to do.

    I have a lot to think about and a lot of hunting and searching.

    Are there any specialist agencies for this kinda work in London, or is it really based on who you know etc...
  12. mowgli

    mowgli collapsing wave functions

    There are quite a lot of creative recruitment agencies, but they tend to deal more with the graphics/web/advertising end of the spectrum although they do have editing jobs every so often. Can you do Flash animation and video? There is a lot of demand for Flash and web video at the moment

    I suggest that you search for relevant companies on the web and approach them directly using email AND phone one after the other. Its easier to ignore an email than a phone call. Above all remember that there is a lot of work in London if you have the right attitude.

    Best of luck
  13. Lara

    Lara alllgood

    Hey Dvnt

    I live in London working part time while I am studying. It's not too bad, I have somehow managed to pay my overdraft back and get some savings rather than getting further into debt, on a runner's wage.

    I use this site loads www.moneysavingexpert.com There are cool articles there on how to cut the cost of bills, which is the cheapest home phone and stuff. If you need to take on debt there is lots of info about what is cheapest.

    Hope the job hunting goes well, let us know when you move down....

  14. robotfunk

    robotfunk Feed your Machine

    the very least you should invest into this venture is a week of staying in London for cheap/free and visiting all interested parties. The internet is a good thing but to get your foot in the door nothing beats having a pint of lager with the other party...
  15. makemassair

    makemassair makemassair.co.uk

    mowgli, Lara and robotfunk. wicked help guys.

    Lara - I have known about that one. Ta. I'll have another look. Before I move I'm going thru all my VHS/DVD and vinyl. so expect lists at some point :p I'll be in contact thou when I'm down. Got a few people to chase things up with.

    robotfunk - Yea mate totally agree. Hard at mo due to my location and I work full time up here.


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