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Looking for people to collaborate with

Discussion in 'Collaborative Work' started by irie_pixel, May 6, 2012.

  1. irie_pixel

    irie_pixel New Member

    Hi All,

    We are a team of two young Visual Artists. Our aim is to provide visual projections (3D video mapping, VJing and videographer services). We are working in a creative and enthusiastic way to produce innovative and exciting visual experiences with unique blend of graphics and animation.

    Here are some our demo videos:

    Live VJing - http://youtu.be/59C6ZFDuejA

    3D video mapping projection Brighton 2012 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_emb...amp;v=_mNuwYB8r7Q

    P.S. We are looking for people to collaborate with.
  2. Ill.Luminous Brutez

    Ill.Luminous Brutez New Member

    Peace from California! I am a musician in a band called "The Kushites". We blend Live Hip-Hop & Reggae blended with Spoken Word and Soul/Bebop. Looking to ad a visual element as I VJ also. Have been looking for Motion Graphics/3D Artist open to collaboration. If you're still interested please email me @ monzelledozier@gmail.com
  3. irie_pixel

    irie_pixel New Member

    Hi all,

    Our latest work:

    3D mapping projection by IRIE_PIXEL² ("The Mine" - Volks, Brighton, 2012) -

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  4. irie_pixel

    irie_pixel New Member

  5. Lichtan:Lichtaus

    Lichtan:Lichtaus New Member

    i Like your stuff there.. ;)

    greetings from Frankfurt / Germany
  6. irie_pixel

    irie_pixel New Member

  7. irie_pixel

    irie_pixel New Member

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  8. irie_pixel

    irie_pixel New Member

    IRIE_PIXEL next gig

    Hi everyone!!!

    The next IRIE_PIXEL gig is in February.

    "THE MINE" prototype...


  9. terriers

    terriers New Member

    Hey Guys,

    First off, we wanna say, we dig the vibe. We are a downtempo house duo from Dublin, Ireland. We have just put the finishing touches on our debut E.P and are looking for talented V.Js to collaborate with. We are looking to release an online mix of the E.P combined with visuals. If interested drop us a line at terriersdublin@gmail.com we can then forward on the mix for a listen to see if you would be up for it.

    Anyways, all the best.

    Peter & Ro
  10. irie_pixel

    irie_pixel New Member

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