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LUCKY Rabbit's MAD Haber Dash! - New A/V video - Harvey Parody?

Discussion in 'Inspiration' started by VJFranzK, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. VJFranzK

    VJFranzK AreYouDreamingRightNow?

    VJ brothers and sisters - plz help me win some cash,
    and I'm sure to use it for more gear ;-) instead of "something practical"...

    (we just have different priorities than boring people!)


    Here is my latest animation!

    Techno Punk Puppets, Jimmy Stuart Impressions, and of course RABBITS galore...
    What more can you ask for?

    Please watch and RATE this video by CLICKING "THUMBS UP" in the lower left!
    That's a VOTE for your "video editing friend" in this contest for a
    treasure of Australian dollars!
    (Frankly, I need the money ;-) who doesn't right now?)

    I think they tally it up on the 4th? So please do it soon, if you can!

    After being mainly a VJ for a few years, ...I'm returning to music
    with a new style,
    and a set up that lets me control sound, video and vocals from right
    on (or even off) the stage!

    There is a new DVD album coming in 2010 - EVERY song has a music
    video! And this will be one of them.

    Thank you for your vote! Please pass this on.

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