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Macau Sky 21

Discussion in 'Gig Reports' started by VJLightness, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. VJLightness

    VJLightness Liquid Light

    hi everyone

    i would like to share a youtube video with some of what hapand in the opening of sky 21 on 16 december 2006.
    the place im working as a vj resident.
    im using the lastest version of arkaos and a powerbook pro , also new.
    runs smoth , no heating problems , no crashes , no frame drops , clean.
    with no video mixer , it was a risky gig , but fortunatly it went preaty well.
    7 hours non stop.
    i would like to post more videos in this venue as i get them.


    Im adding another video from xmas party also in sky 21 , you cant see much VJing on this one tho


  2. lowRes

    lowRes another member

    bem vindo de volta?
    ma??s agora?

    hav fun!

    * )
  3. VJLightness

    VJLightness Liquid Light

    errr , vou ter de fazer aqui um post um coxe inutill visto que a sig nao aparece no post anterior .

    thank you low res ;)

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