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MacBook Air

Discussion in 'Video & Gear Exchange' started by skulpture, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. skulpture

    skulpture www.grahamthorne.co.uk

    Not really a VJ specific laptop but I have a 13" mac book air that I won in a competition just over a year ago. it's not the very latest one but not that much difference - apart from being 4mm fatter!

    I have ran VDMX/Isadora and Quartz on it and can handle stuff ok. Will also sell the VGA, DVI and Composite dongles along with a USB to LAN network adapter.


    MacBook Air 13" Screen
    1.6 Dual Core
    75gig HD
    2Gig of RAM.
    3 Just had a brand new screen fitted for free (worth £350+)
    Latest OSX

    So, nothing wrong with it just fancy a change (iPad probably) and I have the box too.

    PM me any questions, cheers.

  2. iro3

    iro3 See and be scene...

    Don't make the mistake I made of buying a pair of the USB Superdrives, and hoping to set them to different regions, the region setting is within the computer! They also require more power than the average USB outlet.

    They also don't work with anything except a MacBook Air or one of the new driveless Mac Minis. MacBook Pros, Mac Pros and the rest just don't recognise them or even provide enough power to them. Something to do with the daughterboard in the MBPs.

    On the positive side, now I've got a spare, as reviews suggest that they are poorly made, with the USB cable liable to break where it enters the drive body.

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