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Many Tentacles Pimping On The Keys

Discussion in 'Gig Reports' started by signal55, May 2, 2004.

  1. signal55

    signal55 robotfridge

    Hello guys don't like to blow my own trumpet but i'm going to anyway!!

    last night was my first night Vjaing for stealth, and i would have to say it was fuckin amazing, i had visual jockey running on the mainframe controlled by a joystick and control keyboard and video vegas 4 running on my laptop which i used for playing loops out-putted through a dv cam i only had one crash alnight, i was also maning the lighting desk. i was a bit concerned @ first about doing lighting as well as vjaing but i really enjoyed the being able to match lighting with visuals to create an atmosphere that worked as a whole rather than two separate entities, i don't know if anybody else feels this way but i definitley beleve that this is the way forward (for me at least) i had everything synched to one midi clock i used old mc303 grovebox, you may remember an old thread in which i bitched about being shit, well it still is but its a good master clock and i can tap a tempo on it, i used an mtc converter to get it into vegas and had another midi line going to the lighting desk, i couldnt set up a feed for visual jockey though so i just took a feed from the allen and heath xone 92, i also had midi control data coming from the mixer which i used to control the zoom and shifter plugins in visual jockey, this worked really well and the DJs where quite impressed with the idea that they had some control over the visuals.
    All in all it worked amazingly after all the sleepless nights i've in the past two months about it all working properly i heaved a big sigh of relief, popped a disco biscuit in my mouth and had absolutely had it...
    I would also like to thank you guys for all the advice you've given me throughout this project! Cheers :yep:

    xxxmossy :jump2: :love: :jump2: :jump: :p :nod: :love2:
  2. many2

    many2 Active Member

    Indeed, this is the way to go ! Lighting + Visuals + Music all matching perfectly to create a whole experience. Glad to hear everything went well !

  3. dongbamage

    dongbamage Bad Ass VJ

    speak for yourself.
  4. FractalStar

    FractalStar Jedi Night

    I know some russian guys made special ware that controls lights thru midi timecode. Right now i'm looking to buy lappy with touch screen lcd and use Reactor based midi interface to control light's and visuals
  5. elbows

    elbows PixelRomper

    Wahey, glad to hear all the months of preparation were worth it :)

    Regarding "jack of all trades" I find that only to be true if "all" is taken literally, its quite possible to be excellent at doing multiple different things. Anyway its not like it always has to be 1 human doing everything, I think there is potential for much more collaboration between lighting/vj/music people so that the different elements are well co-ordinate and "on the same page" without needing an octopus to control everything.
  6. asterix

    asterix IMAGINEER

    Way to champ!

    Just out of interest - how many crashes on average do people experience?

    I can go months without a hitch at home practising, but as soon as I hit the gig - crash - bammm - alekazaaam!
  7. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator


    Its all subjective I guess. Personally when I was running SVi back in the day I was used to 2-3 crashes per night (thank god it jsut froze the output window so you could mix to another source without a black or system screen). However since switching to TZT I have had 1 live crash in over 2 years (and that was my fault runnning an untested FX plugin). Personally I won't really tolerate ANY live crashes any more.

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