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'mapping' with midi-data - is there an option?

Discussion in 'Software' started by NoPe, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. NoPe

    NoPe hungry for knowledge

    Hey everyone,

    I'm working on a projection to an moving object. I'm working with image processing and i get allready the 4 corners of my screen as midi-information....

    Is there any way to fit a layer/a video to the screen with the midi-data (coordinates from the corners)?

    I'm normaly using Resolume Arena 4, Resolume Avenue 3 and GrandVJ but if you know an other program wich would work - would be also ok.

    Armin / NoPe-Visuals
  2. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    The Keystone effect in resolume will work for this. You'll probably find that midi is too low resolution for it to be effective though. OSC or DMX will be better.
  3. NoPe

    NoPe hungry for knowledge

    Thanks for the fast reply - that is exactly what i'm looking for!
    Yeah, i know... But the interface to the software is at the moment not the main-part of the project (it's a image processing project at the university) - i've planed to work with osc in the 2nd version :)

    Armin / NoPe-Visuals
  4. Thelooca

    Thelooca Member

    Think VPT is the software you need. You can use osc and/or dmx and/or midi to trigger presets or to change te x and y position of the corners.
  5. NoPe

    NoPe hungry for knowledge

    .. it's still buggy.. and a lil' bit to slow...

    We are working with resolume arena 4 and the keystone effect. Data-transfer through OSC. Image processing is done with LabView.
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