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MAX/MSP/Jitter for sale (NYC only)

Discussion in 'Video & Gear Exchange' started by 0x990000, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. 0x990000

    0x990000 New Member

    MAX/MSP/Jitter CD Bundle
    for sale $650-negotiable (orig. $850)

    CDs hardly touched.
    ownership transfer will be aknowledged by Cycling74.


    What is Max?
    Max is a graphical programming environment for music and media
    applications. It currently runs on the Mac OS; Mac OS X version will be
    released by the end of March. A public beta can be found here. The
    Windows version is in development and will be released this year. One of
    the main goals of Max is to let you control anything with anything. For
    instance, you can use MIDI to control a laserdisk player, or mouse
    movement to control the playback of a Quicktime movie. Max excels as a
    way to customize the logic of building an interface to interactive
    media. It lets you schedule events with millisecond accuracy, create
    complex mappings for incoming data, and run a large number of operations
    in parallel.

    What is Jitter?
    Jitter is a set of 133 brilliant new video, matrix, and 3D graphics
    objects for the Max graphical programming environment. The Jitter
    objects extend the functionality of Max4/MSP2 with flexible means to
    generate and manipulate matrix data -- any data that can be expressed in
    rows and columns, such as video and still images, 3D geometry, as well
    as text, spreadsheet data, particle systems, voxels, or audio. Jitter is
    useful to anyone interested in real-time video processing, custom
    effects, 2D/3D graphics, audio/visual interaction, data visualization,
    and analysis.

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