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Discussion in 'Software' started by littlecatalyst, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. littlecatalyst

    littlecatalyst Retireded

    ...just curious

    how many peeps here use Maya? I've now been in maya school for 2 weeks ((yes the sampleholic has obviously taken a 180 degree shift)) and this shit is pretty complex. at the same time i can see how fucking amazing its going to be once i get it-- especially with plugins like Vue5-- this is going to make sick loops, thats for sure...

    but i'm wondering how many VJs out there use this soft? how long it took you to figure it out, and if you had any 3d (or even 2d_ experience before getting into it.... not really willing to back down, but wondering when i will get the hand of thisverypowerful tool....
  2. neoteo

    neoteo Active Member

    i had 4 lessons of 4 hours each , in my video post production degree ... i played before with 3d studio max and its not even close to maya in my opinion

    best 3D soft i have ever seen

    from lots of ways of doind the same to open source
  3. littlecatalyst

    littlecatalyst Retireded

    ...and the eco-kid in me totally loves this plugin

    but who here is the MayaPro that i can bug with the 200 questions i already have??
  4. Jukkis

    Jukkis New Member

    dunno how practical software Maya is to use in VJ:iing.

    what I've understood, there isn't really so many pros who can use it. here in finland there's like under 50 3d-modellers who're really pro with Maya. maybe like 20 (possibly this situation has changed due increasing education etc.). my friend has been designing big cruising ships and he has used maya for several years.

    something like Blender might be much more useful for vj:iing, if you don't want to spend months learning some program.

    depends of course if you're really interested about 3d-modelling.

    what plugins you're talking about ?

    maybe it's better idea to learn first basics with 3d-modelling before starting playing around with plugins.... ;)
  5. jul35

    jul35 New Member

    I'm not a "pro" maya user, but I have learnt the basics with pros in a post-production/3D studio. What i mean in basics is modeling, textures and animation and the most confusing thing in maya when you have your first look on it: the UI.
    Most of maya or max users I know are only specialized in one thing (ex. modeller) because in a studio, they are part of a chain.

    I have rendered some 3d animations loops for VJing, but it takes a lot of time for rendering (when you use the mental ray renderer and some artefacts like photon or depth of field)
    An example of what I have made with maya can be seen here , this is an edit in AE of some sequences rendered with mental ray. The track is "golfer vs boxer" by amon tobin.
  6. Stuart

    Stuart New Member

    I have been using maya before it was maya (power animator). Maya and AE are my day job. I have used a lot of maya based stuff for VJ content. One thing I really like to do is create sequences in maya for use in AE as track mattes. This technique does not require much maya chops.

    I am happy to answer any questions that can't be answered by spending 3 minutes looking in the docs.

    maya kicks ass but it takes a bit of time picking up the rather unique interface.
  7. littlecatalyst

    littlecatalyst Retireded

    heythanks for the offer Stuart-- tho i will wait till i have a question worthy, i promise...

    and no jukkis i don't think that this will be a real time VJ ap i will bring on stage with me, but thought after playing with it now for a week and 1/2 that i can make a lot of 3d and 2d abstract backgrounds with it as well as lots of fun 3d anims (esp. maya6 with the fuzzy fur and hairs...) was thinking that it will be good for making loops

    importing into AE for effects? hmmm i guess i'm still pretty ignorant on it all, but Y would you do that? isit simply because there are more AE plugins?

    the only plugin i am drooling over is that Vue5 one, (and yes i am going to wait at least until my 3rd month of class before getting into that ;) but it seems to me to be great for psytrance 3d loops; see it doesn't only know 1000 planst and figure out how to make them grow and be lit-- it also lets you make up your own that then follow the plant-based logic i.e. how to grow, so i have been getting excited about creating a 3d space with neon and dayglo plants... some spacey planetscape saw one little clip like that and was just too excited!
  8. djnada

    djnada Nadada aka Jim C.

    I just checked out the video tutorial for vue 5 and they make it look easy! Wow!!! I wonder what the difference is between vue 5 and vue 5 pro? Some of the pro samples are animations. For VJ purposes, I could seriously see throwing together some random landscapes and moving objects just for fun. Thanks for the link! BTW, maya has a free version that is downloadable, just for training purposes. I tried it a few years ago, but gave up. I did Bryce and Poser around seven years ago and that was fun and pretty intuitve. But vue 5 looks good. OK, I saw the animation at the end of the tutorial. This software rocks!
  9. littlecatalyst

    littlecatalyst Retireded

    yamon vue5 rocks...

    and yeah the MayaPLE is free, but i think it has a big watermark on it (it also does have all the Maya6 hair fur and other goodies though-- great for bouncing little furry balls and stuff)

    also when u sign up for (free) bronze membership theres a ton of tutorials u can get too...

    ...did you see the dayglo Vue5 environment? i swear its a killer diller one for psytrance parties
  10. oCtodur

    oCtodur fractalization


    Its times like this i bang my head on the computer and curse that i didnt learn 3d. But as they say....its never to late :p
  11. vjfader

    vjfader Audio Video Artist

    I know Maya, but I am not into hyper realism special effects stuff. It's a good (expensive) tool to know.
  12. littlecatalyst

    littlecatalyst Retireded

    never too late, me: very old dog now learning new tricks
    dont bang your head, just dl the PLE

    fader: how do u find it for abstract stuff? making loops.....
    and i feel like the text is supa easy and can be manipulated 1000X different ways... good for dj and VJ names.....

    whats the render time like for things like this?
    also teh text seems
  13. Stuart

    Stuart New Member

    the maya to AE pipe...

    Take a primitive and assign a transparency map to it. Now, animate the roation of the primitive so that you get a clean loop. Then just render out the sequnce. Now import the file into AE and use it as a track matte for another layer. Simple, effective. But then again, I am a track matte junkie.
    I always finish my Maya stuff in AE. Rarely does the 3D work get shown without compositing on top of it.

    If you get into Maya paint effects you will find it can do all the stuff that Vue can do.

    Also, I have used Maya in live environemnts. Not in a VJ environment, but in a real-time pre-vis mode. It certainly is capable of doing real time dynamic simulations though. Way more open ended than playing with fractals.
  14. littlecatalyst

    littlecatalyst Retireded

    paint effects can do all those funky plants??? wow.

    hey thnx 4 the tip.. i'm going to play around with it....

    am totally matte fan-- originally got my training on an antiquated film tool, a JK Optical Printer ha ha (so don't complain to me about render time.... i'm sure you can imagine what would go into a 5-6 layer 4 second clip)

    ..you use AE for compositing?? wow. at my maya school that's the next level compositing, but its with flame and combustion. is there a big difference?
  15. Stuart

    Stuart New Member

    Paint effects is massively powerful. You can design your own plants, or do fully 3D galactic flythroughs, lots of stuff in between as well.

    I would say the tools like combustion, flame, shake, etc. are used predominantly for film compositing. They do a much better job at it than AE. AE can do compositing but I use it primarily for it's motion graphics design capability. I do 3D animation in Maya and 2D animation and finishing in AE and use AE to comp it all together.

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