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midi over IP?

Discussion in 'Software' started by phunkyguy, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. phunkyguy

    phunkyguy New Member

    friend of mine are trying to put together a web only event where his ableton triggers my resolume via MidiOverIP.

    looks like this is the best free solution:


    anyone tried anything like this?

    we're TRYING to do it over the internet, might require tunneling for stability reasons. Might also just do it at gigs to avoid the whole midi cable issue. This way we can connect over wifi and still not have terrible latency.
  2. hamageddon

    hamageddon Motion Mapping Looper

    quote from sweetwater.com

    MIDI cable length does not contribute noticeably to MIDI latency. Or, at least no one has been able to prove it does. MIDI cable length does, however, affect the quality of the MIDI signal, and in that way can have a bottom line effect on the reliability of your MIDI system. These reliability problems can manifest themselves in ways that may appear to be latency, but are not. MIDI is an unbalanced audio signal so cable length and quality has the same implications as unbalanced audio lines: shorter and higher quality are better. 20 feet is a very safe and conservative limit for MIDI cable length. Runs of 50 feet or more are possible with high quality cable. If you are having reliability problems (dropped or stuck notes, things falling out of sync, erratic controller operation) you need to check your cables, and their environment. Environment in this context means to look at what your cables are near. If they are running next to sources of interference they may not work as reliably. Treat MIDI cables no different than audio cables.
  3. Meierhans

    Meierhans Spezialmusik

    Transmitting midi via Internet is shure possible, but not for anything that needs realtime like several musicians playing together.

    You have 2 options:
    Small lag, like in UDP based internet gaming (between 10-100 ms) with no error correction or big lag (100-250 ms) with buffering and transmittion controll (TCP) to make things stay in syns. In first case you will suffer from all the bad thing that the internet can give you, this means lag, notes stay switched on and notes out of sync.

    In second case you will have things in sync but you wont be able to play live directly.

    Sum up: It doesn`t make sence. If you want to controll a VJ machine via Inet, ok. You could. But how do you want to know whats happening in the club? You have no low latency video channel back. (Forget about Realvideo, 3 sec latency, forget about Webcamsofts, too bad quality...)

    So what you could do is set up a second machine with exactly (!) the same configuration. Then look at your lokal output, hope its the same like in club. Pray nothing goes wrong....

    This midiweb thing is funny, but whats gain if you can play the hardware synth of your friend in indochina - if you can only hear what you are playing with a lag of 300 ms?
    Current software based ASIO drivers reach 4 ms!

    I can imagine this tool to bring musicians together who work step-sequenzer based, but not for live things.

    I didn`t test midiweb, but I know that MidiOverLan works pretty good on a free 100 Mbit LAN.
  4. MJ

    MJ I've given money to VJForums

    ah there is a difference between local and internet
    yes .

    i've been sending midi over tcp/ip a lot in a local environment with realtime expectations and it worked when the artists hit there midi drums the lights flashed by midi.

    but internet? no way.
  5. phunkyguy

    phunkyguy New Member

    main idea here is to test stuff beforehand. i'm letting a live PA take partial control of resolume via midi. he lives a couple hours away. with this utility we've done the following:

    He streams midi to me via midiweb.

    my system sucks it up, NTYokes it into Resolume.

    His midi now controls resolume, which is outputting to screen #2. (Tv Out)

    Dazzle DVC is sucking in the entire TV output thats on screen two, and piping it directly to WMEnc.

    He opens the stream and sees the output from resolume back on his end.

    This way he know that this EFX knob controls the opacity of clips on Layer #1, or whatever.

    Kinda roundabout, but he gets to see what's gonna happen, and i don't have to drive there.

    As far as live gigging goes, if we had fat pockets and huge amounts of bandwidth, we could probably offset the delay and sync his audio with my video and shoot it out to a WM server, but that would surely be after some headaches.

    The only other option would be as a backup to midi failure (our last gig the power supply died on my 4x4 midi device).

    The video streaming part sucks.
    The midi streaming part seems to work well.

    thanks for all the help, guys.

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