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Modul8 Native resolution

Discussion in 'Software' started by madsmeskalin, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. madsmeskalin

    madsmeskalin Torkonfoslak

    I´ve been wondering about how Modul8 handles resolution. They claim on their webpage that Modul8 always displays at the projectors native resolution.

    1. Does that mean that it doesnt matter what size I make my loops?

    2. Does it matter what I set the output resolution to manually in system preferences?

    3. The preview window is automatically set to 1920 x 480 when running in 12/3 triplehead mode. Does this mean that I have to scale down 2400 x 600 clips to 1920 x 480, just to scale it up to 2400 x 800 again?

    4. What are your tips for this one, guys? Is it easier to just project 1920 x 600, or shall I go for the native resolution? Is it a big difference in quality?
  2. drmo

    drmo New Member

    this really confused me when i first started working with modul8.

    the modul8 output is of course at your screen resolution. however, the important part is that a clip will NOT scale to fill the screen. modul8 "respects the original size of the media" - meaning it will stay at whatever resolution it is has natively. so if you up your output resolution the clips will look smaller relative to the whole output area. so a clip that is 100pixels wide will always display at 100pixels on the output screen no matter what the output resolution is. so if your output is only 50 pixels wide you'd only see half you clip and if the output is 1000pixels your clip would be tiny and only fill 1/10th of the width of the screen.

    fortunately there is a way around that. for each layer you have the option to automatically scale each clip to fill the screen. this is done via the "normalise" button. however, this is tied to the layer (at least in my version)

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