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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by hbChemist, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. hbChemist

    hbChemist New Member

    Holy shit check out what i found on you tube tonight. Some guys behind the most massive electronic setup i have ever seen. I think they are called SWiY.

    They do live electronic music and live midi triggered visuals. I went to their website (www.swiymusic.com) but found only a small amount of information on them, but apparently they are streaming a live online concert on halloween. Has any one every heard of Someone Who Isn't You?
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  2. vdmoKstaTi

    vdmoKstaTi Seems to be Right Now

    I was about to say "gear whores" :) Did I say this out loud? :D
    As far as equipment, I think Chemical Brothers had some more at one of the shows that I have seen them at...

    this is what I would call an electronics band :)

  3. bleep

    bleep AVA


    this exact same post was spammed on another website ... i dont know if your actually one of the members but your approach is a little tacky .. a bit like the rest of the setup ..

    more gear , less idea?

    its about the overall output and i dont think the "band" seems to achieve anything to significant from whats presented so far.
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  4. Architects of Tomorrow

    Architects of Tomorrow Custom User Title

    I hate to say this - better music can be created by one person with a mac or win system - There I said it. - seems to be an extensive use of gear for the sound. - good luck with your project
  5. nutcracker

    nutcracker I've given money to VJForums

    I thought we were to be more welcoming and professional towards new users guys?
  6. Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko pixel jockey

    You're a complete dickhead and your group is a shameful pit of crap


    you're all acting during a breakdown of 2 parts, clearly that discman is doing everything

    now fuck off

    im not even locking this thread so we can all laugh at you...
  7. bilderbuchi

    bilderbuchi in the pixel hotspot

  8. videoswitchboard

    videoswitchboard Pointless Crew-Glasgow

    got to love that guitar solo!

    +points for the UV mits and fancy masks,

  9. SteveG

    SteveG Downstairs for Dancing

    I like how the reel starts with the wire drawings fading into the pic of their set up on stage. We've all...I would think, accompanied crap music and artists...it's personal taste after all :).....I'd be interested to see their final visual mix....who does it and how it is presented on screen.
  10. MrJustin

    MrJustin I've given money to VJForums

    WOAAAHHHH!!! Relax dude, count to ten. Arent you meant to be a mod??? Act like one, man - that was proper aggressive.
  11. nutcracker

    nutcracker I've given money to VJForums

    I don't understand all this anger about a single post, its not like the board hasn't been spammed before (if thats what this post is, or is it (self) promotion?

    How does it look to outsiders, or new users who were considering posting their work for critique, its gonna put them off from posting through fear of ridicule.
  12. dontregister

    dontregister New Member

    Spam must die

    Come on.
    The guy has tried a loosy trick to gain some shameful 12 seconds of fame.
    Let's shit on his head. If we don't he'll never learn.

    Crappy music, by the way. I get why they wear masks !

  13. Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko pixel jockey

    Dude its spam, what are you getting so krossfour?? har har har.
  14. fata alex

    fata alex analog VJ

    normally im all namby-pamby and like, 'yeah, be nice, everyone love each other....'
    but in this case they are being twats, hands down, twats.

    i was all set to make a polite and considered comment that perhaps with all that gear and all those people they could do something a bit more with the music, but thankfully i've been shown what sneaky self-promoters they are and can now say - twats.

    its inexcusable to talk about yourself in that way, and since they've already given away the moral highground im going to say its inexcusable to put that much effort into making music that bad.

    but yes they do get points for the uv gloves and masks, think i might do that at my next gig :p
  15. Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko pixel jockey






    edited for extra awesome
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2008
  16. ristuuk

    ristuuk Member

  17. ristuuk

    ristuuk Member

    we all self promote to some degree or other...
    ...looks like they are been quite sucessful...theyve got us all checking them out! mission accomplished!!!
  18. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    Really don't know what you lot(detractors) are on about. It's great to see A/V acts that can work together so well...(Call them gear whores if you want, but they are still doing it up)
  19. PilotX

    PilotX Tom syzygy, not Dan ;)

    astroturfing is why people are wound up.. it's marginally better than out and out spam, being both relevant to this forum in general and the hardware forum in particular.. but begs the question - why if they are making a/v stuff, are they astroturfing instead of just coming on here and saying look at us, aren't we fucking great with all the kit we've got. btw we're streaming some stuff soon.. makes alot more sense to do it that way then get withnailed by peeps like donnie.
  20. fata alex

    fata alex analog VJ

    maybe because they know its shit.
    this is classic form over function stuff, and so they are resorting to the lowest of publicity techniques.
    although, i suppose, in one way, i'd rather watch a UV band play boring trance than 1 man and a laptop play boring trance, so i suppose its good in that sense. but really, you'd think at one point at least one of them would think 'hang on, shouldn't i be doing something with all these nobs and buttons in front of me rather than just dancing around'

    i hope they come back to defend themselves.
  21. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    hmmm, sounds to me like sour grapes.. If it's so shitty, then put up something you find better and we'll discuss it...
  22. ristuuk

    ristuuk Member

    ' 'hang on, shouldn't i be doing something with all these nobs and buttons in front of me rather than just dancing around'

  23. noxtro

    noxtro New Member

    Swiy performance

    It looks like more of a music video with clips of their live performance to me... considering its super edited and there's a bunch of 3d... Just saying... :pint:

    A group like this not playing for more than an hour would be a travesty. All that equipment together mixed with artists talented enough, not to mention dedicated enough to be able to rock it all. I foresee hours of joy, and the introduction of one of the future largest groups on the planet.

    as far as the faking knobs bit, it looks like their stuff is angled towards the audience so you can see exactly what they are doing. Its a Milly Vanilly free zone. Cheers SwiY!!! :cheers:

  24. complexvisuals

    complexvisuals Eye Squared

    Love the first post
  25. fata alex

    fata alex analog VJ

    i think you're right about it being more of a music video, and i don't think the 'live performance' clips were filmed in front of an audience, its all very slick, but im very curious as to what they could actually do in a live setting, im not convinced.

    to be honest i've been waiting for something like this to come around, not enough electronic acts play off hardware and a full on band is an obvious area of exploration that has been over looked, or just not explored.
    like a kind of vjamm allstars but playing with hardware instead of laptops.
    however, i don't know whether this is some slick big label launch attempting to appear underground or a bunch of people with too much gear and not enough ideas attempting to look like, well i don't know what they're attempting to look like, musicians?
    oh i dunno, im sure i am being overly harsh, yes it is much more impressive than anything i've done, even if it is a sham, and i'd love to hear anyone's opinion about the live streamed gig on friday, i have better things to tune into.
    i would say id reserve judgement until i hear reports of their live gigs, but its obviously too late for that already, i have judged, for better or worse, but id love it if they can prove me wrong.
  26. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    I'll try to catch it, and report back..
    I do like seeing more theatre incorporated into live performance, the only other VJ I've seen do this was SketchyJ, and we all know how his mask and performance was received here..I would rather not see that happen again..
    If you havn't seen SketchyJ you can see him [ame="http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1607106557005200729"]here[/ame]...
  27. complexvisuals

    complexvisuals Eye Squared

    It was his attitude that got on peoples nerves, not his costume
  28. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    YES and NO...
    Sketchy seemed to be harassed from the start(Almost like SwiY is in this thread) albiet for different reasons. Sure, after the harassment he got obnoxious, and annoying, but He came in here with every intention of being part of this community..
  29. swiy

    swiy New Member

    Yeah right! How about you tune in and see how much knob tweaking and button pushing actually goes on when we PLAY LIVE! The video is a teaser music video, NOT actually us PLAYING LIVE.

    SWiY wish that this was a big label ploy, but its not and we are all broke(SIGN US). And if you want to hear the real shit you will tune in and watch CLASSICALLY TRAINED musicians rip it. As for the look, yeah walmart whats up. Cant buy $2000 masks like daft punk, so we spent on it a Virus TI.

    If you can do something on the same level let US check it out. Till then STOP HATING and enjoy the show.
  30. fata alex

    fata alex analog VJ

    i didn't see any mask in that video? maybe i missed it.

    it did make me appreciate hex screens to a level i never have before, it seems so obvious now, geodesic domes and hex screens go hand in hand!

    the thing is, in that video there was vj 'show boating' if you will, lots of hardware, lots of prancing around, less of a serious performance. but in that video i liked it, probably because it was sketchy, crusty, unprofessional. so i guess it is much more down to my personal preference than i previosuly thought that what SWIY is doing pisses me off so much. that and how much expensive gear they have which, more than jealousy, just seems like a waste as they clearly aren't using it to its fullest potential.
    i do like their name though.

    it seems a shame whatever happened to sketchyj, before my time im guessing, but i think its safe to say that in this case swiy aren't attempting to join this community as they probably wouldn't have started with spam if they were.

    here's a more impressive (to me)use of hardware, no laptop!:
    (we're still working on the visual equivalent but someday will bring it into 1 performance)
    [ame="http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=-3003876177811262733&hl=en"]live analogue acid techno.avi[/ame]
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