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Motion2 arrived

Discussion in 'Software' started by Freespirit, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. Freespirit

    Freespirit New Member

    Apple just introduced a major overhaul of their Pro AV software.

    And they introduced Midi-control in Motion. A feature lots of people where hoping for.

    Further their is an amazing list of upgrades on all programms for wich I advise you to visit Apple.
  2. famouswhendead

    famouswhendead VFX Generalist

  3. DrEskaton

    DrEskaton Triple Hexagon, Osaka

    midi control, replicator and 32 bit colour are all cool. will be interesting to see if they have added any new features to make it usable as a live performance tool.

    I'll be buying the upgrade for sure.
  4. thomase

    thomase VJ Wunderkind

    have you seen the specs for the recommended system???? my g4 needs to be replaced... :(
    I wanted to go for the new imac that is rumorod to be on its way.

    BTW: wondertouch offers particle illusion fx for motion starting at 39 $...

    edited to add:

    in the quicktour they explicitely mention live performance...
  5. djnada

    djnada Nadada aka Jim C.

    Well, they have their recommended systems, then the systems that will work. The Nvidea G Force FX 5200 Ultra card that is in the current crop of iMac G5s will run Motion. I tried out the demo, and it worked fine, albeit with four or five effects. but that will do for me. If the next iteration of iMacs has a better card, that's cool. It will definitely have a CPU speed bump. We'll see.
  6. djnada

    djnada Nadada aka Jim C.

    Wow, 30 seconds to edit your post! So this is a second comment, since I couldn't just go back and edit. (Maybe this will make us think twice before posting! ;) ). Anyway, we still don't see the rumored 64 bit application thing. I think that I can live with my FCP 4.5, and DVD Studio Pro 2.0. So, I can cop Motion for $150 US$. The price was a little bit more for version 1. Go figure. Anyhow, if you're going to spend the full 1200 or whatever on the full suite, you could just go out and get a new iMac G5 (next iteration?) and your copy of motion, instead. I mean, this money thing is getting tired! I'm still saving up the bucks to bump up my RAM to full spec (2 gigs). BUT, motion does seem like a must buy!
  7. PiedPiper

    PiedPiper Old And Crusty

    OK as a PC user, i am really starting to get jealous of OSX + motion, espcecially now with midi control.

    Why cant we have something like this on windows?
  8. akira_k

    akira_k 8GB EUTour 2010 - book us

    Using MIDI to tweak the parameters seems VERY comfortable, however I don't see any sort of useage for this on a live setup, since most anything that comes with Motion screams "cheese".
  9. thomase

    thomase VJ Wunderkind

    you obviously haven't used it yet...
    maybe some of the fx they used to demo it are cheesy but the app in itself offers some VERY useful tools...
  10. djnada

    djnada Nadada aka Jim C.

    Yes, try the demo. It Rocks! :nod:
  11. DrEskaton

    DrEskaton Triple Hexagon, Osaka

    akira, sure don't use the presets, design your own. thats the whole point of it. I can make some non cheesy stuff with motion and I can slam out animated titles in no time.

    seems they have listened to the VJ market they've done just about everything I asked for (except 3d workspace), hopefully they support live video out using a DVI-s-video adaptor now.
  12. akira_k

    akira_k 8GB EUTour 2010 - book us

    Hmm, maybe i didnt give Motion 1 a very deep look, but it seemed rather uninteresting to me. I surely will have a look at this new demo.
  13. thomase

    thomase VJ Wunderkind

    I use a lot of the presets but the point is they need to be adjusted and if you play with them, they're kinda cool...
  14. akira_k

    akira_k 8GB EUTour 2010 - book us

    I hate presets. I need freedom when CREATING.
  15. VJFranzK

    VJFranzK AreYouDreamingRightNow?

    modul8 comparison, anyone?
  16. DrEskaton

    DrEskaton Triple Hexagon, Osaka

    totally different ballpark to Modul8. This is intended as a motion graphics design program with some new stuff like behaviors and realtime preview capabilties (no rendering). It's not really a VJ app.

    see my review of motion here:


    And Akira, the presets do not hold you back in Motion, you are free to create particle effects or designs from scratch.
  17. akira_k

    akira_k 8GB EUTour 2010 - book us

    I am not a man that likes particle effects ;)

    Sorry, Motion is just NOT -my- sort of app, I preffer After Effects! I still happen to find this version more interesting.

    Regarding a comparison between this and modul8.... please, it's like comparing final cu pro to a panasonic mx50 mixer+2video decks.
  18. videoteque

    videoteque New Member

    And which one gets to be FCP. AE or the MX50??????? :jump2:
  19. djnada

    djnada Nadada aka Jim C.

    I understand where Akira is coming from on the presets, but the presets sometimes point you in complex directions that you would never think of. Then tweak 'em and combine 'em and you've got a whole lot more flexibility and creativity going on. The particle effects in Motion, which it does very well, is only the tip of the iceberg. For example, I did some of the quickest and best looking chroma keying in Motion trial version, mixing that with layers and effects - in real time. it was just so responsive and delivered the goods so quickly and efficiently. I like it! :yep: I wnat it! Got ta have it! :D :D
  20. thomase

    thomase VJ Wunderkind

    Exactly what I mean...
    Even though my machine does NOT do it in real time,,, Need to to upgrade!
  21. bod

    bod New Member

    i was talking to someone from the ableton live forum who mentioned something about setting up midi controls from live to transmit to motion so you can create A/V sets.

    i could be wrong though, havent tried this out yet.

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