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Music Video Mixing

Discussion in 'Software' started by 2ciewan, May 12, 2005.

  1. 2ciewan

    2ciewan New Member

    Anyone else looking at this seriously?

    I have been playing with it in my spare time.

    1. rip audio from dvd.
    2. import into mixmiester, mix (in key, pitch and beatmatched) FORGET the video in MM

    3. save to wav files (individual for each track)

    4. import to edit system
    5. match speed of video with speed of audio in edit system
    6. create wipes/transitions in edit system
    7. burn to dvd

    Really impressed with the results so far, problem im finding is the tracks are very short from the promo only dvds and the music choice is very limited.

    Would not work well in a club, but is good fun to play with as it is something i have always wanted to be able to do.

    Example files are on www.2cievents.com (you will need to be registered to view)
  2. drmo

    drmo New Member

    i don't quite understand what you are doing. it would be good to see an example but i couldnt find any downloadable videos in the link you provided.

    so tell us:

    what are you trying to do exactly?

    and what is on the dvd you are using

    also, what is there to match between the audio and video?

    and finally, why use wipes, aren't they really cheesy?

  3. 2ciewan

    2ciewan New Member

    there is a topic on the site (when registered) called music video mixing.

    This contains a flash player with the video clip. Works on IE but i still have to add support for firefox

    Wipes can be cheesy, but if used right they can also be very effective.

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