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NATO Dillholes

Discussion in 'Updates, Suggestions & Bugs' started by KillingFrenzy, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. KillingFrenzy

    KillingFrenzy KillingFrenzy Visuals

    What's up with locking the thread by that Dillhole that wants to spout gibberish about NATO?

    Even though it is more natoZ2zt4 SKYizFallin5g gobbledygook, I support the right of people to spout such gobblydygook. MORESO, I support the right of people to respond to such by publicly ridiculing it. I understand locking a thread that has gone around and round in circles, or a thread that is about a time sensitive subject that could be confusing to leave open (applications for a contest, etc) but closing a thread just because it seems lame is stifling potential discussion. I don't like the idea that weirdos will get shut down just for being weird.
    There is also no explanation for why it was locked.
    So why is it locked?
  2. Rovastar

    Rovastar /..\

  3. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    i dunno - wasn't me who locked it??
  4. robotfunk

    robotfunk Feed your Machine

    guess it was morph? he said 'it doesn't anymore' which would make sense in reply to your questioning why the thread existed.
  5. Ollie

    Ollie New Member

    after reading the other nato thread, i was just about to respond in the same way KF did. but found this thread first.

    siliencing gibbering people serves no pupose, if some one does'nt like the random fashion of asking a question then can't it just be ignored?

    essentially i found it a humorous method of asking a genuine, legitemate question about a piece of software that was surrounded in bullshit l33t sp34k or whatever.

    there is very little disscusion, and history about nato on these forums, is it becuase of reflexs like morphs?
  6. robotfunk

    robotfunk Feed your Machine

    I think most NATO fans/users were punished bad enough by its creators to never look back, and the rest of us never cared enough to give it a second thought. Can't say I agree about closing the thread though..
  7. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    The synopsis: someone was asking for software crack/license, ergo thread closed.
    Is there another interpretation?:shrug:
  8. DrEskaton

    DrEskaton Triple Hexagon, Osaka

    yes holly.

    the software is discontinued so the only way to obtain it legally is to buy a copy off someone second hand.

    thats how I interpreted the original request and I agree that the lock was too hasty and not needed.
  9. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    actually most software licences do not permit the sale of the licence to some 3rd party even if you are no longer using the software.

    imho they should be banned for being a disruptive idiot who tell stupid lies to deleiberatly piss people off. - free speach can fuck off - this person is an idiot and should be banned - but no the stupid deference to fools always wins out on the net - which is rapidly becoming a toy for teenagers only.

    oh well i l00k f0rw4rd to the end of it all - s33 y0u 1n h3ll sux3rz
  10. DrEskaton

    DrEskaton Triple Hexagon, Osaka

    yes and those licenses have been explicitly declared void in some countries.

    eg in Australia you can legally resell software licenses no matter what the software license claims....

    right of first sale doctrine, many other countries have this right as well, so asking to buy software off someone is not automatically illegal


    and I really think you're being melodramatic, vjforums has survived much worse, mysoulseeksnatos posts are harmless and moderately amusing compared to the stuff put out by people like j****
  11. KillingFrenzy

    KillingFrenzy KillingFrenzy Visuals


    Sheesh SleepyT, get some more sleep.
    I would just prefer that if someone is going to close a thread, that they please put a post with a brief explanation. This has been the protocal as I've seen it put into effect.

    This thread is being closed because it is asking for a illegal software.
  12. detour

    detour New Member

    This thread has been quite entertaining, especially having seen the exact same post from mysoulseeksnato appearing on the Oxff list this morning.

    It's true you can't get the software anymore, and as far as licensing issue, well I've had a look at their/her/its site in the past and its not a path you want to go down. Hard to say whether the license is valid anyway seeing as their lawsuit against Cycling 74 failed in California courts. But if someone did have a legit version they bought I doubt there's anything to stop them from trying to recoup their losses. I wish I could sell off some of my old OS9 software!

    But really the threads seem more like an art school project as the poster admitted/alleged that they are in art school. I just wish they could find a newer subject matter than the old grey mare of 97.
  13. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    The thread was closed for asking for a FREE copy of the software I had no idea it was discontinued. Other mods have closed threads asking for free software without having to PASS it by everyone else first, this guy jsut couched it in stupid language. Honestly I'm not sure why your all getting your panties in a bunch over it.

    The second thread that was opened has barely produced anything worthwhile either, I have repeatedly asked for it to remain relevant to the the Software forum definition and have repeatedly been ignored. If you don;t want ppl moderating the forums (to keep them on topic and not full of crap), don't bother apppointing moderators.
  14. DrEskaton

    DrEskaton Triple Hexagon, Osaka

    I just read the original thread titled "my soul seeks nato" again.

    I dont anywhere see a request for free software, he asks for help aquiring the software "by any means necessary".

    which could well mean payment for a piece of discontinued software in a private sale.

    I'm not really sure why we can't discuss the politics or history of a piece of SOFTWARE in the software forum or even the nato aesthetic as a subversive marketing technique. It's still about software.
  15. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    /me shakes his head.... whatever... enjoy. I'm unsubbing from the thread. I'm over it.
  16. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    Why do you always misinterpret what I say to suit whatever agenda you are pushing at the moment, esk?

    I agree 100% with Morph! The thread should be closed. No debate. No "discussion". They guy is not in Australia and neither is VJc, so vague info from wikipedia is irrelivant to VJc policy.

    That he posted again and demanded someone "give it to him" is enough to get this alias banned.
  17. karl

    karl Sex, Drugs and Videogames

    come on, don't close the thread, i promise not to abuse it anymore

    but i can hold my excitement because i don't think its a asking for warez question but yet another Netochka Nezvanova pr stunt and its interesting to poke around a zeitgeist
  18. DrEskaton

    DrEskaton Triple Hexagon, Osaka

    why is everyone getting so worked up over this?

    genuinely puzzled that you think I'm pushing some agenda? like what?

    I'm interested in a piece of net history that's relevent to all vj's and think it should be allowed to be discussed on VJ forums.

    any discussion of Nato is going to attract it's fair share of loony comments but there are a few gems in there.

    eg I find this posting strangely poetic...


    Anyone who doesn't feel like sifting through the garbage that a nato discussion will inevitably attract can just not read that thread.
  19. MoRpH

    MoRpH Moderator

    I would like to know more about the software, its history (would prefer to hear any legal issues in the VJF legal forum), etc.... but I would prefer not to hear it delivered in such a confusing and annoying fashion.

    I have to agree with Tom it did a lot of dammage to the LEV list and I'd rather not see the same thing happen here/
  20. Rovastar

    Rovastar /..\

    Can someone explain what happened before that was so bad and why the people who use NATO where tinfoil hats?

    All I know is that this is old software (and surely you can do any effects (that are few years or so old) on modern computer real-time today with ease so I don't understand the real need for this software)

    Also it appears to be Mac only and as I am not in that 3% of computer owners that has a Mac I have never seen it or likely to see it.

    Anyone got a video of it?
  21. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    It was slow. Macs were slow. All fx were processor intensive. You would shake your head Rova.

    The freakshow started because the programmers pretended to be a woman (whatEVER--why guys think they can get away with being assholes just because they pretend to be female. Like Maus, braindamaged...). Then they flamed the LEV list with retard-o-bot speak. Not just their casual posts, but as an "art project" they constantly flamebaited and spammed the list with nonsense and gibberish. Stupid and self-defeating because LEV was the main source of info and communication between Max & Nato users. in a very short period of time people abandoned the list in droves (myself included) and the list eventually choked because NOBODY ever posted except these freakoids. No doubt they lost their lawsuit because they behaved the same way. Gee, there are consequences to behaving like an asshole. Since LEV was unmodded (and also impossible to unsubscribe from) the list eventually was blocked by everyone. As an "art project" it might have fascinated a minority of people who think silly code speak is cool (kinda like how some people think Sketchy's punk 'tude is funny -- the difference being a lot of Sketchy's fauxpas were unintentional and when people complained he started to be more considerate) but the Nato transvestites did it deliberately and offensively. When people complained they just did it more and no doubt thought it was some great victory.

    This forum tries to give leeway to people's communication differences, but spamming and deliberately de-railing threads with flamebait is un-forum behavior. This is not an artspace, this is a forum. I am with Tom that a little experimentation and pr on VJc/f is ok, but that priviledge ends when it becomes disruptive. Membership here also ENDS when they start demanding cracks, serial numbers, and pirated software. There has been no policy change on that issue.

    Considering the history of LEV, we should adopt Zero tolerance for this particular form of offensive forum behavior.
  22. dongbamage

    dongbamage Bad Ass VJ

    hmm personally i think that this has been blown massively out of proportion, its not like we had pages and pages of spam cramming up the board, merely a few posts set in a, shall we call it 'quirky', fashion.

    This hardly constitutes a hostile forum takeover in my opinion, and if u don't like how he posts u don't have to read it or take part in that discussion.Blitzing it because it personally annoys u, although understandable in a way, is not how a responsible moderator should act, at least thats what I think...

    I personally don't think that anything which was posted by mysoulseeksnato, was damaging to the forums, or offensive in any way, I don't read what he has posted as asking for cracks or pirated software. maybe I'm naive.

    At the moment the impression I get from these threads is that some previous experiences have made certain ppl sensitive to anything NATO, and that the mere act of mentioning it can u get u locked down...

    Not the impression I normally get from VJforums, which has an exceptionally hi level of tolerance in many cases (and to be honest thats the way I prefer it).

    I may be wrong. I have not had to deal with the problems mentioned before regarding NN (et al).

    This a forum with many users, many of whom have widely differing opinions,wildly different writing styles, and even wildly different haircuts!!! :0

    Certainly not anarchy, but maybe just a hint of discordance every now and again :D

    Thats the fun :lol:
  23. famouswhendead

    famouswhendead VFX Generalist

    I used to laugh my ass

    off on the 313 list in the mid-late 90's with the code speak going...
    Never got it and it was surely entertaining, one of the albums by NN got a 2 star in MIX (the recording magazine) in 97-98 it was funny...
  24. mysoulseeksnato

    mysoulseeksnato New Member

    OPEC Representatives are on video conference right now so I have to type quietly and blog in secret but everone here probably thinks i am working on my NATO.0+55 3D Modular based presentation ;) Anyway, i think this OPEC Representative who is talking now is named Joshua Kit Clayton? It doesn't seem like he has much to do with OPEC??? Maybe I am in the wrong mtg???!!!
  25. mysoulseeksnato

    mysoulseeksnato New Member


    sssshhh! The meeting is still going on!

    OK now Joshua Goldberg is speaking via video connection. I am almost %100 sure that these are the names I was given in my memo, but so far they have not in any way referenced the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Joshua Goldberg just mentioned something about working for a theater company called "Three-Legged Dog." Maybe he is just joking(??).

    Anyway, my boss is totally staring at me (!) so I should log off. Wish me luck!

    Thank You
  26. KillingFrenzy

    KillingFrenzy KillingFrenzy Visuals


    You're supposed to wait until somebody responds to your "clever" post before posting the next one. How are you ever going to irritate anyone properly if you can't be patient enough to make sure you're provoking the right people?

  27. mysoulseeksnato

    mysoulseeksnato New Member

    Hello Killing Frenzy,

    Thanks for your suggestions!

    I have just got the documentation video back from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's "lab" and man I am really happy about how my multimedia presentation went!

    I am so happy that I posted it on "www.youtube.com":

    Man check out all those NATO and OPEC representatives getting down to my presentation! It was so live that the Chicago Police Department even came to check out the "party." Thanks, guys!

    Thank You
  28. DrEskaton

    DrEskaton Triple Hexagon, Osaka

    i was going to ignore this but you're linking it everywhere.

    a tip, if you're going to go for a big build up you better have something to deliver.

    two guys dancing in stormtrooper masks and shaky shots of the nato interface does not deliver.

    lame ass effort soul seeks nato...
  29. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    what is it with people wearing masks??

    the equally unitelligable but cool none the less rebelle posse do it too... (yes their website IS supposed to do that)
  30. DrEskaton

    DrEskaton Triple Hexagon, Osaka

    I guess they're trying to imitate The Residents or TISM...



    however it helps to actually have some talent as well as a gimmick...

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