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need opionions ;-)

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by sexdrossel, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. sexdrossel

    sexdrossel noob

    hey guys,

    i started vjing nearly a year ago, head some gigs - and everyone told me that my stuff is nice - but i'm afraight that this opionions are influenced by friendships you know?

    so please give me some hard punches in my face for my shit :argue:


    thx in advance

    ( for opionions which are not in that style "cool" etc. i will food you with some of my loops ;-) as a thanks )
  2. makemassair

    makemassair makemassair.co.uk

    site won't let me view your work. i'm on a mac. u got a download link for your showreel?
  3. oxygen

    oxygen V i d e o l o g y

    the worst visuals I have ever seen in my whole life!!!!!
    ...happy now?;-)

    --> no, seriously; It's all black, no video loading here...
  4. davidthevj

    davidthevj New Member

    same here
  5. davidthevj

    davidthevj New Member

    I stand corrected, it took AGESSSSS to download but eventually I saw it, but unfortunatley no audio so I cant comment on your mixing as I have no idea how tight it was.
    First of all YAAAAYYYYY, one of my loops in there, the three women at the start, I assume you are a sampler then?
    As you dont appear to be making your own content, and I cant hear the audio so cant pass judgement on the mix, I cant really give you any constructive feedback sorry
  6. ElectroStreamz

    ElectroStreamz ElectroJunkie


    I'm afraid that all I see is a very pretty montage of white blankness...

    is there a url to the file instead of a web page with a link on it???

  7. VJzoo

    VJzoo its a fairlight!

    the page crashed firefox :cry:

    mabe try youtube :)
  8. sexdrossel

    sexdrossel noob

    so then i uploaded it to you tube here is the link:


    sorry david for that i did over see that in this showreel is your content - its my fault im really sorry for that normaly i really dont use stuff from others in my showreel
  9. Westbam

    Westbam Golden Puppie

    I do like the youtube thing. Not too fond with the lips, I just think this way off using white teeth as a mask is cheezy, but I love the second part, Those 2 hands are done nice, as are the moving bars that form the front layer. what does it say?? (She is my ...??...)
  10. davidthevj

    davidthevj New Member

    No worries mate, my clips are creative commons and as such are for everyone to use as they see fit. I was just pleased to see people are using and enjoying them [-;
  11. oxygen

    oxygen V i d e o l o g y

    I like the part with the image of the woman and the phases of the growing baby. where is it from?
    + I also see one of mine being used!
    (Yep! we're all here on VJF:D)
    No worries, I am glad to see its fullfilling its purpose...being used!
  12. ElectroStreamz

    ElectroStreamz ElectroJunkie

    not to shabby at all!
    I like the manipultion done in the second half of the clip
    but I'd have to agree that the lips don't do it for me.

    I'd try using the lips in a different way maybe fading them and chromakeying them in instead of lumikeying them'
    i'd also pnp the lips to a corner of the display as opposed to being a primary focus.

    other than that the rest of the clip is very cool
    and nicely layered together. well done. can't wait to see whatother jems you have hidden away.

    I may have to take a snipp of the second half of the cip and using it as a multiplier in on of my works. it has some good contrast.

  13. sexdrossel

    sexdrossel noob

    when i remember right its from www.archive.org from an movie which is called: human reproduction

    thanks for your opionions - but i like the lips ;-)

    peace to you
  14. makemassair

    makemassair makemassair.co.uk

    really like it. can't hear it, but visually seems good. The teeth thing is a nice idea but u can't quite see it properly imo a large mouth might work better.
  15. holly

    holly WetCircuit.com

    I also didn't like the mouth, but am such a fan of evil robot Maria doing the shimmy that I give it 2 fembot appendages up!
    :yep: :yep:

    PS: I hate websites that have a graphic navigator that gives no indication of where you are going. The flower is nice, but after randomly clicking 3 times I lost interest. If you want people to "explore" you need to reward them with little treats every time. If you want people to learn your information then put up real links and label them appropriately. The reality is that we all live in such "click here!" lives that the fun of just clicking for no other reason is long gone. Don't obscure your info. Even worse is that you have to return to the main page where the QT starts reloading AGAIN! Grrrr. Either I accidently clicked on the same petal twice or some of the petals take you to the same page. Either way it was enough fo me to leave before experiencing the whole site or getting any factual info about you.
  16. pa235

    pa235 Phreaky Geeky

    I enjoyed this tight little mix. Arrangment of shared elements on screen is very thoughtful. Would be nice to see with sound, of course, but I get an okay feel for the rhythm you are following. Hope to see more from you in the future.
  17. hamageddon

    hamageddon Motion Mapping Looper

    opi-onions usually make me cry but...;)
    i liked the last 15 seconds with the catsuit gal to the right (where is that from?) and on...
    imho somehow the soundtrack tempo doesn't match the clips at the end
    when all the beats drop but the visual pace stays the same.... hmmmm.....
    some work on levels/contrast of the black'n'white clips mite help too
  18. sexdrossel

    sexdrossel noob

    the cat suite is from a documentary movie called "pin up obsession" i know that the beat doesnt fit because i did put it on later at the moment i'm not firm in recording my mixes with sound - but im working on that.

    holly - yes i know the problems with my site but you know doing vj stuff working on a website having a job........ and sometimes i want to live the so called reallife than you get troubles with you time so i do one after the other...... but thx for your comment on that

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