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Neon V2.5 Alpha - Sleeping Open Source Monster

Discussion in 'Developers Area' started by VGA, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. VGA

    VGA ...


    ages ago I downloaded the source code for Neon v2.5
    got drunk last night and after some hacking got the main exe to compile.
    doesn't work at all on my system, can't get shit to run, but then the alpha package off the site didn't work for me either. maybe it's a pathing issue.
    however in theory it looks fantastic, a great leap on from v2.0
    so I'm going to get my brain dirtied up with c++ figuring out how this monster works. I've had 9 layers of 640x480 going with 1fx on each, blending, midi control, beat tapping, keyboard control, drag and drop on a huge grid, all on a 5 year old mid range laptop(with nice SSD) so this would be a smoking package on an i7.

    I have fuck all idea how to program c++, but I do know actionscript well enough to figure out all the library and linking stuff.

    any devs out there fancy having a dig at this with me?

    at the very least some of you folks should take a look at the source code, it's a directx love affair, looks very neat and modular and well organised. in Spanish.

    long term project really. did i mention it has a 3ds max exporte and scene player? properly, this soft spanked most of the commercial apps not too long ago and could do again with a bit of love

    any takers?

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  2. subpixel

    subpixel the pixelator

    I still use Neon v2 - on a Core i7, now, which is much nicer than my previous machine (which was ~5-6 years old before it died a year or so ago).

    One major problem with Neon is not being able to easily load a new setup / preset / whatever you want to call it - everything freezes until the load is finished. On this new(-ish) machine, though, I can run two instances simultaneously and alt-tab to switch outputs.

    I couldn't get the newer alpha release to do anything sensible (on my previous machine) and never tried building the open source version; if we can get it to run at least as well as the version I'm using, it might be interesting to have access to inject more generative / interactive content into the rendering pipeline.

    Email me at subpixels.com

    Last edited: Aug 27, 2011
  3. VGA

    VGA ...


    Yes, it's a shame it's the source for 2.5 rather than 2.0 as I just wanted to up the resolution to 1280x720 which should have been easy.

    In fact, I will email the author to see if I can get a copy (almost certainly it's been binned ages ago).

    2.5 does nowt on my system either. Been busy with vvvv but I want this thing to feed into vvvv and vice versa (basic clip triggering still a bit of an ass in vvvv).

    Let's roll! (slowly)
  4. subpixel

    subpixel the pixelator

    Dude, did anything happen? I've been asleep for 6 months or so...

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