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New software... Realtime 3D vector graphics on an oscilloscope!!

Discussion in 'Software' started by mrelectron, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. mrelectron

    mrelectron New Member

    I have been working on some software to produce realtime 2D- and 3D- graphics on an oscilloscope direct from a computer.

    It's free (GPL), and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


    Thought perhaps some VJ folks might find it interesting (I was planning doing some projections via cameras etc. A bit low-tech perhaps...)

    If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, check the attached image or see the website.


    ps. feedback is of course very welcome
  2. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    cool - this would make a great freeframe source plugin (hint hint) - then you could use it in allmost any VJ software.

  3. robotfunk

    robotfunk Feed your Machine

    nice, i bet you can control a laser with this too w/o much alteration (if at all)
  4. complexvisuals

    complexvisuals Eye Squared

    Disk Image

    Disk Image wont mount for some reason. Downloaded from different locations

    OSX 10.3.8
  5. mrelectron

    mrelectron New Member

    thanks for the feedback guys.

    will certainly look into the freeframe thing, sounds like a good idea. Shouldn't be too much work, the backend code is pretty simple actually.

    About the laser thing - yes, i though that would be a good idea too. Anybody got any good ideas on the hardware side?

    About the .dmg not working - will check it out also. The problem is that I don't actually own a Mac, I've been testing it using the PearPC emulator on my PC, which is veeeerrrryyyyy slllloooooooow.
  6. kallisti

    kallisti hypermasher

    i had the same disk mount issue with my pbook...
    anticipating fix....please!
  7. mrelectron

    mrelectron New Member

    I have identified the problem with the files not working. It seems there was a problem uploading them to SourceForge.

    Unfortunately, due to the slightly strange uploading arrangements implemented by SourceForge, I cannot upload a file of the same name for 24 hours!

    So hold yer breath, and hopefully there will be a working version by this time tomorrow!!!

    let this be a lesson to any programmers out there - TEST YOUR STUFF BEFORE YOU ANNOUNCE IT!!!
  8. mrelectron

    mrelectron New Member

    I have re-uploaded the files. Hopefully should work OK now.
  9. Meierhans

    Meierhans Spezialmusik

    Very nice idea. I remember when we had electro-technics in class I had alot fun with 3 generators (sinus/triangle/square...) .
    One for X, one for Y and one for brightness. I managed to tune them in many ways and ended up with little worms jumping around the screen. Everybody was laugting beside the the teacher. Thats wasn`t serious enough for him I think.
    Good to see I?m not the only one who likes this kind of shit.

    I once red a book about DIY lasershows. They had a description of a selfmade scanner, controlled exactly the same way like your Oscilloscope is controlled.
    They bought 2 simple small speakers, cut away the membrane (the black stuff around the middle??).
    Then a small iron wire (heat it to make it hard..) is glued onto the the middle.
    On top of this a small laser-mirror is placed, fixed on only one side in a way that allows it to turn a bit (20 degrees?)
    Then the iron wire is glued to the mirror.
    Is this understandable?? I have still have the picture in mind, if anybody needs it I could paint it.
  10. robotfunk

    robotfunk Feed your Machine

    if i recall correctly the standard for laser XY controllers is to be controlled by a audio line level stereo signal (left is X, right is Y)
  11. mrelectron

    mrelectron New Member

    Using a speaker cone to move a mirror (and then some sort of cheap laser pointer) sounds like a good idea. Will have a go when I get the time (and try not to blind myself).

    If what youse are saying is true (line level inputs to control laser), then the software should work with absolutely no modification whatsoever.

    Anybody got the gear necessary to try this out???

    The laser option was always going to be a better idea for live performance anyway.
  12. johnnylocust

    johnnylocust R3dN3cK \/_/

    The guy that made Laser Mame has alot of details on the topic.
  13. kallisti

    kallisti hypermasher

    more mac problems...

    trying to set the hardware options pretty much locks up the program... (keeps spinning the colorful disc looking for?....)
    tried several times...no luck

    running a g4 pbook...
  14. mrelectron

    mrelectron New Member

    It seems there is a problem with the audio on Mac OS X. Problem is that I am using the PearPC emulator to compile/test the mac version, which does not (yet) have proper sound emulation. Will try and get it sorted as quick as possible and post an update.
    Of course, if anyone is a mac programmer and has a REAL mac, they could have a go at fixing it (since the source code is available - isn't open source just fabby???)
  15. kallisti

    kallisti hypermasher

    thanks for putting up with the endless barrage...i'm just looking forward to this..
  16. mrelectron

    mrelectron New Member

    I think I have fixed the Mac problems, and also a problem with the Win32 version missing a .dll (mingw10.dll).

    The updated version (0.1.1) is available from the website (www.electronbeats.com/projects)

    thanks for all the feedback!
  17. aiwaz

    aiwaz Member

    it might work sorta with an unmodified sound card
    for best results use a bipolar DAC but to get suitable graphics from a sound card the first thing you gotta do is remove 2 caps or bridge across them from the output of the card to remove the AC and get a clean DC signal the next thing i would do is build some sort of opamp circuit for the output to give it +/- swing and some pots for gain and centering
    i can give it a try after the weekend but the only problem is that i don't have true closed loop galvos what i have is open loop g124's with accelerator cards wich is kind of trickery to get near closed loop performance so my setup is stated to do 12k but i think its more like 8k well any way it will give a good idea of what it would look like on a set 30k^ scanners

  18. WordVirus23

    WordVirus23 NoInput is Detected

    website is down?

    gotta watch yer bandwidth when you post up in here :)
  19. Meierhans

    Meierhans Spezialmusik

    Lets connect the output to a amplifier, build a gigantic electron tube with big X/Y coils and shoot the output to a really big-screen phosphor wall. Faster than any scanner, real olskool.

    Don`t forget to give out some X-ray protective clothing at the entrance. Otherwise some nice bone structures may appear on the screen,not such a bad thing at all, since most people are already radiated when they enter the place.:)

  20. skulpture

    skulpture www.grahamthorne.co.uk

    Can't seem to find a download for this - can somebody point me in the direction?
  21. videoswitchboard

    videoswitchboard Pointless Crew-Glasgow

  22. skulpture

    skulpture www.grahamthorne.co.uk

    Yup thats what i was thinking - I have a friend who is wanting to control lasers and what not via VJ apps - I searched and found this post.

    Cheers for the link dav.

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