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New version of Cell and CellDNA

Discussion in 'Software' started by peboer, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. peboer

    peboer New Member

    ...just wanted to let you know there's a new version of CellDNA. There's a lot of new effects and hardware integration, and its generally cleaner and better performing.
    A video overview, if you don't feel like reading:

    This post pretty much sums up what's new:
    And this video gives you an idea of some of the creative potential:

    In short, it's a great way to mix a lot of clips, with complete keyboard and midi control, with a lot of effects. You can record, too, so it's excellent for making clips. Super easy, and pretty affordable.

    Check it out!
    Peter Nyboer
    Livid Developer
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