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New Website!!!!

Discussion in 'Software' started by dlublin, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. dlublin

    dlublin Member

    2/14/2005 - VIDVOX, LLC unveils new website, falls in love with it, buys it lots of chocolate in accordance with local traditions

    You can tell a lot about a company from its website. We're not about being too fancy or flashy - we just want to tell you about who we are and what our software can do. This new site is also your gateway to the VIDVOX community. A new website is a little like a new pair of shoes, and we think this one fits us pretty well.

    Some of the highlights of the new site:

    New Design
    Looks great! Easy to navigate!

    New Products
    Stop by the website and check out our newest endeavors: GRID2 for Windows and a public beta of our upcoming GRID Pro!

    Since its unveiling one year ago, our user forum has become a regular meeting ground for VJs and other video professionals around the world. It's a great place to meet other people who are just as excited about the power of live video production, share tips & tricks, and show off your work. As we enter the second year of the forum, we'll be looking to expand on this with some additions to help artists exchange knowledge in new ways.

    More About Us
    Learn a little more about the folks and history behind the software.

    More About Our Users
    We've begun updating and expanding our Featured Artists section to include interviews and articles with some of the top VJs and video artists in the world. For starters, we've got interviews with VJ Michael Parenti, Benton-C Bainbridge (hot off his international tour VJing for the Beastie Boys), and VIDVOX founder Johnny DeKam. Check back soon for new interviews with the Light Surgeons, VJ Mixxy, video artist Brian McKenna and more!

    We'd love to tell you more, so swing on by.
    The link is: http://www.vidvox.net

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