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ny, san fancisco - green card 2 years ::: software devoper

Discussion in 'New Job Offers' started by SiliconPumpgun, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. SiliconPumpgun

    SiliconPumpgun palying with myspace

    Looking for: software devoper
    Contact Details: pm, e-mail


    i just got a notofication that i have won in the green card lottery. what the hell, but I am happy about that.

    So I just need to find a job in the united states of america for some time, and I can leave my small village. I have some travel experinces, around the globe, and as a certified software engineer, I had the possibility to look behind some products.

    So I am begging you If you have some job for your. I can email you my cv, details and cover letter if need.

    I have not much money in my pocket, but I hope that I can somehow mage to get abroad.

    thanks, chris

    e-amil: cece@techart.at
  2. nickweb

    nickweb I'M NOT THE DJ!!!

    Might want to check spelling bud :)
  3. SiliconPumpgun

    SiliconPumpgun palying with myspace


    i find it funny, hahaha but did you mean the gre test ? the gre test is some spellce test for the states. but do i really need this ? i hope i can
    get trough with my english not notie but in progress ?

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