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On finding the scores to visuals

Discussion in 'The Future' started by tybalt, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. tybalt

    tybalt Artificial Lifeform

    As promised at AVIT^C3 a discussion on how to preserve the current state of visuals for future generation. An idea by Seex aka Luka Dekleva.

    His abstrakt:

    * To find a standard wich can be used as a medium that can perserve the work of a vj for institutional conservation and later use, we must first define the form of art that it is. Visuals are determined by several crucial factors that we try to shine light on.

    I hope Luka gets in here and tries to explain his views again as I regard those thoughts highly interesting and a good discussion went around the subject.

    The recording of a VJ set can never be the full preservation of our art. Its more its complex its about writing visual scores having databases of clips having certain "selfrunning" installations etc. If I get the Ok I will also post Lukas full text here for further mindthoughts...
  2. seex

    seex Codeep visuals

    I missed this post, only to find it in the archives later. I will post some fragments form the text.

    The idea to have a score can be percieved as a means to preserve live visual performances in a way that they can be performed again. A live recording is a very exact replica of the actual performance but it changes the fluid form of video into one that is determined with a beginning and end. As such it can serve as a document of the actual performance only.

    The problem becomes actual when we discuss preservation of such work in a museum.

    A museum to harbour the art for generations to come:

    Any society that has developed a museum shuld also find the means to store all forms of art that are being created. Since a live audio visual act has no later exsistence but a live recording, it must be degraded to the level of a music video or its nearest form of expression. Since a recording only gives clue of a result of such a performance the later spectator is left clules to how it was actualy done. Without defining the tool and technic behind the result a audio/visual performance is impossible to repeat. The repetition of such a act shuld rather than trough anlyzing the output give a performer a clear idea of what the artist or group of artists were doing to adciheve this result.

    As vj-s we are limited in terms of sharing the tricks that were used to complete the show. We dont have a common language, the possibilities differ from softwetre to softwere. As on one side this offers a lot of diversity, wich is necassary for the full development of this art form, this same diversity also poses the threat of our work being toraly forgoten in time to come.

    The original work only actualy exsist while it is performed, it is a combination of a media library and the know how of the performing artist. A score shuld enable us to store this knowlege in a usable form but it shuld not limit the possibilities that are being invented.
  3. KillingFrenzy

    KillingFrenzy KillingFrenzy Visuals

    Killing Jar

    I'm not sure that better art results from notation.
    Visuals are by their nature an ephemeral art. To record the performance on a page is to remove the interaction with audience and environment. Do museums notate the person dropping a fork in the front row of a Charlie Parker performance? Seems like it would be better to spend one's time actually getting a variety of performances in a ubiquitous, but imperfect format, than preserving a few performances in some overly dissected "language of visuals." An hour long tape of a show and a 5 minute explanation of the persons general technique seems more useful.
  4. seex

    seex Codeep visuals

    Exept for a few phrases i dont understand i think i agree. A few recordings of the same performance wuld also help in pointing out the bits where the artist shuld go off and improvise. On the other hand storing every deetail culd also be limiting for the new performing artist. I wuld like to see one performance being done by many diferent artist, maybe as one of the vj-contest categorys.

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