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open-source projection-mapping tool

Discussion in 'Software' started by hv_francesco, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. hv_francesco

    hv_francesco New Member

    just a note to let you know that we've been developing a small tool for video/projection mapping:


    it's open-source and cross-platform, and although simple and light it has a lot of potentially interesting features. syphon support on mac is on out TODO list, but we have no access to apple hardware at present.

    main features list:
    - up to 36 independent projection surfaces
    - lot of possible content: solid color, images, video, live-cam, slideshows, smoothly changing solid colors, and more …
    - customizable green-screen (chromakey) for video and live-cam sources
    - horizontal and vertical flipping for image, video and live-cam content
    - independent opacity settings for each content element
    - customizable colorization for each content element
    - several blending-modes for projection surfaces
    - on-screen editable masks
    - bezier-warping for projection on curved surfaces
    - synced multi-projectors shows with adjustable edge-blending
    - control and setup through a rich set of OSC messages
    - customizable video speed and volume
    - save/load project set to/from xml file
    - syncronized start for video elements
    - vertex snap function for adjacent quads
    - cam snapshot background for rough positioning of projection surfaces
    - customizable speed for slideshows and color transitions

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  2. 6071842

    6071842 I've given money to VJForums

    Cool, I'll have a little test - got some projection mapping stuff happening.
  3. vade

    vade New Member

    This looks interesting. Id love to help with Syphon support (we want it everywhere!)
  4. hv_francesco

    hv_francesco New Member

    that would be great, thanks!
    If we can get a mac to work on I will keep you informed of our eventual progress.

    btw: working now on kinect integration for live-masking, we already have a quick implementation and probably will release soon some updated code.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2012
  5. tomfoolery

    tomfoolery New Member

    Cant run LPMT on Windows 7

    Tried to run on two machines, both windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.

    The error on the first is when i try load a video / background image the application crashes. Also, in the black code box (probably using the wrong terminology) it says SETUP: device [0] not found - you have 0 devices available. I assume this is a problem with my graphics card (ATI HD5700. latest drivers installed)?

    On the other computer before the program even loads there is a windows error message saying "a Little Projection Mapping Tool has stopped working" blah blah. And in the 'black code box' i can see it says "GL_VERTEX_SHADER shader failed to link", no idea what that could be.

    I really love this piece of software, i just wish I could get it to work! Any help/support would be much appreciated.
  6. hv_francesco

    hv_francesco New Member

    the error reported about a device not found means that you have no usb camera attached or that your usb camera is not recognized. This should be handled by the program with no major faults, but I've found out that in some system it leads to a segfault. In your case I'm afraid is more probably an issue related with your graphic card, because LPMT on windows has been tested succesfully on both xp and windows 7, but we tested only machines using Intel or Nvidia graphic cards (intel needs to update to latest drivers). we haven't had the chance of testing with ATI cards so far unfortunately. I will try to post a windows trial version with debug symbols in order to see if we can have some more information on the console at run-time.
  7. hv_francesco

    hv_francesco New Member

    more features

    been adding more features, last one in development is a simple but powerful timeline

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  8. francoe

    francoe New Member

    francesco, why the win version needs to be paid?
    You need to pay some other licencies as developer?

    Anyway, lovelly tool!
    I will try to run it over ubuntu, just to see.
  9. hv_francesco

    hv_francesco New Member

    thank you :)

    we have decided to distribute a binary windows version for a little fee because we just have linux systems, and we had to borrow a windows machine, setup the toolchain to build lpmt on it, and tweak a lot of things to get it running, and it was a real pain!
    of course, being open-source software, people is always free to get the source and compile it for free. it sounded quite an honest deal to us :)

    btw, we are working on a Mac osx version and we have a preliminary working Syphon support .
  10. hv_francesco

    hv_francesco New Member


    first working implementation with Syphon support :)

  11. FuzzBeast

    FuzzBeast New Member

    Looks awesome, excited to see the osx version.
  12. hv_francesco

    hv_francesco New Member

    Mac Os version is out for testing, need a bit more work and polishing, and it will get better and better with gui redesign we're beginning to work at (we hope), but meanwhile, please, have a look and try


    (you need at least a Mac with Snow Leopard, and a good, recent GPU is better)
  13. hv_francesco

    hv_francesco New Member

    live-graphics with Puredata piped to LPMT through video-loopback device on linux, you can feed LPMT with any application that can write to a v4l2 device

  14. hv_francesco

    hv_francesco New Member

  15. hv_francesco

    hv_francesco New Member

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