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OpenTZT HiRes Alpha 0.12 (640x480)

Discussion in 'Software' started by Esotic, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. Esotic

    Esotic Fine Ass Posts

    I just uploaded the latest TZTHiRes.EXE which contains FreeFrame support (for the most part). It works with most effects, but not all as there are still a couple bits of functionality to add.

    Some of the built in effects in TZT are broken, but I have upgraded 18 of my effects to HiRes and they are included in the ZIP.

    You can get it here:

    You'll need to put the TZTHiRes.EXE into a current TZT directory structure. If you aren't currently using TZT then get the OpenTZT Full Install and copy the files from the HiRes on top of it.


  2. VisionsUnleashed

    VisionsUnleashed New Member

    You rock! :yep:
  3. eps

    eps we:sual as you:sual


    can you please advise how to use ff plugins with tzt? should i convert those dll's somehow or add some line to tzt.ini? [simple placing dlls into effectors directories doesn't work]

  4. Esotic

    Esotic Fine Ass Posts

    Are you sure you're using the very latest version of the HiRes?

    I just downloaded the 0_12 and it picked up the FF effectors just fine. The icons might all look like "FF", but that can be resolved by creating 24x24 bmps in the SysData directory with the same name as the effector DLLs. I'm pretty sure I added BMPs for all of Pete's FF effectors in the latest 320x240 release.

    Feel free to email me if you continue to have trouble.

  5. eps

    eps we:sual as you:sual

    now it's ok

    don't know yet what was the problem at the beginning [maybe bank syncing settings, whatever] and the absence of icons [that is, just black boxes without any 'FF'] prevented me from noticing that plugins do work

    thanx for help
  6. Esotic

    Esotic Fine Ass Posts

    If anyone happens to make icons for FreeFrame effectors please pass them my way and I'll include them in future OpenTZT releases.


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