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oscilloscope softwares....

Discussion in 'Software' started by hfrlab, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. hfrlab

    hfrlab HFR

    Hi there, we were wondering if any of you came across a good software which simulates an analogue oscilloscope (the waveform basically)



  2. rickmaersk

    rickmaersk New Member

  3. turkish

    turkish Doin' it in HK. sometimes

    Thats helpful mate.

    Heres a fuller answer

    I believe there are Winamp plugins that simulate an oscillioscope - u'll have to trawl through their pages - google 'winamp'
    You can either use winamp live.... I've never done this as I prefer video or (Ive just done a little search for you) you can capture winamp by way of an AVS 'Grabber' - theres one at the bottom of the page of this site http://www.acko.net/art/avs

    I havent tried it but it sounds interesting

    Windows Media Player has many different types.... most of them nasty...

    If you'rer using a VJ Software that supports it then there is a freeframe plugin called 'SCOPE' available from http://www.bigfug.com/vj/plugins/ I've played around with it and it seems very beat reactive... but I havent used it 'live' yet.

    Good luck

  4. kallisti

    kallisti hypermasher

    there was another thread about this recently. someone developed a free app called scopeshapes.
  5. hfrlab

    hfrlab HFR


    thanks guys....... the only thing, we were looking for a mac one. but thanks anyway


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