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Outta Sight (Charlie North AV Remix) - Eclectic Method

Discussion in 'Inspiration' started by CharlieNorth, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. CharlieNorth

    CharlieNorth New Member

    Hi guys, finally got something to share with you.
    This is an audiovisual remix that Jonny from Eclectic Method asked me to do. Full music and visual remix.

    The original track wasn't finished when I was asked to do the remix, which posed a few problems, but happy with the result.

    Music and video written in Ableton.
    Sorted and cleaned up in Final Cut.

    Thanks for watching,
    Charlie North.

    More info if you're interested:

    Remixing The Masters of Mash-Up.
16th March 2011

    Charlie North creates official audiovisual remix for Eclectic Method.
    Audiovisual producer Charlie North has released his Drum and Bass remix of ‘Outta Sight’ by the Eclectic Method. This is a complete music and video remix of the original track that also features Chuck D (Public Enemy).
    The band first became aware of Charlie North when they spotted his video mash-ups on YouTube. “We specialise in mixing and performing video so we wanted to invite other video acts to get involved” states Jonny, “as soon as we saw Charlie’s work we knew his style would really compliment this track.”
    Creating a successful audiovisual remix can be a daunting task, and this project would prove to be no different. The trickiest aspect being that the original track wasn’t actually finished when Charlie started working on the remix. “I usually work with audio and video simultaneously, but the video wasn’t ready when I was first approached to get involved,” says Charlie. “It takes a long time to create these mixes so I decided to start on the music in the hope that the video would arrive before the deadline.” A few days after he finished the music Chuck D’s video performance arrived via the Internet. The video was finally completed by shooting, mixing, and editing some additional performance footage at Charlie’s Yorkshire based studio.

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