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!! PC hardware 4 sale now !!

Discussion in 'Video & Gear Exchange' started by lowRes, May 23, 2004.

  1. lowRes

    lowRes another member

    hi everyone!

    due to a drastic upgrade(e.g. a whole new pc!) i'm selling::

    -> Matrox Marvel g400-TV

    -> mboard MSI KT 266 + AMD ATHLON XP 1.5+ + 256Mb DDR

    -> dvd drive + zip drive 100 mb internal + soundblaster 1024 live

    ::some specs::

    mboard MSI KT-266

    VIA KT-266A Chipset for Athlon / Athlon XP

    * Supports 266 MHz FSB, Up to 1800+ Athlon Processors

    * 3x DDR SDRAM DIMM Slots (3GB Max)

    * AGP 4x, 5 PCI, 1 CNR Expansion Layout

    * Integrated Dual Channel ATA/100 Disk Transfer

    * Integrated AC'97 Onboard Audio

    Matrox Marvel g400-TV

    AGP 2X-4X graphic/video/tv card with 16MB SGRAM memory

    Hardware-MJPEG high quality video capture (YUY2, RGB and mpeg capturing possible)

    DualHead? display technology

    Easy audio, video and TV connection with Marvel connector box

    G400 256-bit DualBus graphics chip with integrated 300MHz UltraSharp RAMDAC

    TV tuning with fully programmable PC-VCR Remote

    TV output with independent resolutions, refresh rates and color depths

    3D gaming with true Environment-Mapped Bump Mapping

    ::please check full specs @::
    Matrox Marvel g400 -TV

    if interested send a pm!

    good performances for everyone!

    * )


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