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PHLUMX beta 7.1 upgrade - free to try

Discussion in 'Developers Area' started by phluxm, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. phluxm

    phluxm New Member

    PHLUMX beta 7.1 - Upgrade Now Availible !

    Includes live camera option, improved performance and expanded MIDI support.
    Assign any property or function to a key or MIDI Controller (including Note On messages).
    Scratch video and browse and select content entirely from external controller.
    Improved playback performance means that your interaction is even more reactive and play back smoother.
    Other features include a clock and timer, drag n drop files to Hotkeys, minimise the program and a default Hercules DJ Console MIDI setup.

    PHLUMX is an advanced digital video instrument
    It's designed for live performance with a clear, compact and versatile interface,
    giving you the ability to creatively control your video content

    PHLUMX boasts easy to use and effective features:

    A full length timeline gives you complete and instant control over video positioning,
    in and out points and looping
    Cue Points allow you to mark and instantly jump to particular moments
    Mix controls, including DJ-style cross-fader allow you to mix, cut and scratch video
    Colour filters allow you create layered visual effects
    Speed and directional controls, including an incredible scratch recording mode,
    let you interact and control motion
    Play Quicktime Movies, AVI files and Flash
    Play audio with volume control, including audio cross-fader
    Customisable keys and MIDI support for controllers and keyboards
    Hotkeys save and load clips instantly
    a Scalable, movable output window means you can resize and shape content or use with a dual monitor

    - plus -
    Twin Browsers allow you to browse, preview and select files in two locations
    Monitor linear video positioning
    Flip your video upsidedown, add text or activate randomisation within you clip

  2. phluxm

    phluxm New Member

    Comments PLEASE!

    Please post comments on here as I really need to know what the VJ on the street thinks of PHLUMX.


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