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Phoenix Fest

Discussion in 'VJ Events' started by KillingFrenzy, May 2, 2002.

  1. KillingFrenzy

    KillingFrenzy KillingFrenzy Visuals

    Is a big outdoor event in the Northwest USA that I'm coordinating visuals for. The main stage will have a huge circular back-projection screen, and probably a few side screens set up in some interesting array. You might not be able to make it, but you can still contribute by submitting an edited "visual song" for Opportunity #2.
    If you're going to be in the northwest, you should definately drop me a line.

    Those with a vision:
    The Phoenix Festival seeks your help in sharing that vision with others at this years' event.

    Opportunity #1 - Thursday and Saturday Live Mixing Sets for the Phoenix Stage
    We're seeking experienced visuals artists to mix video sets during these evenings. Each evening will have a coordinator that will arrange for individuals to play sets during a particular phase of the evening. We'll take care of the canvas, and you bring the paint. This means that we'll be setting the stage and providing projection equipment for the event. We'll also provide a stable backbone for you to plug in to; a master mixer, time schedule, and plenty of power. Collaboration is encouraged, but autonomy of image is held in respect. Artistic and technological boundaries will be discussed before the event to avoid spontaneous ego combustion.
    Start the dialog by mail: PhoenixMix@killingfrenzy.com

    Opportunity #2 - Friday Night AudioVisual Meltdown for the Phoenix Stage.
    We're seeking pre-edited video with audio to fuel the stage for the entire evening. We're going to resurrect the cranky ghost of old Bill Burroughs and let him razor up the tapes into a cut-up cocktail. This concoction will be stirred together and served up to passersby in whatever dosage they prefer to swallow. This doesn't mean we're looking for unedited footage of last years event. It doesn't mean we're looking for your 2nd generation tape of that "really good part" from Lawnmower Man. It could mean a strategically edited sequence from 7th Heaven. We're looking for something you'd be compelled to approach for further inspection on a 3 am wander by main stage. We want art that breathes.
    Initiate the countdown by mail:

    Opportunity #3 - Hardware
    We're seeking resources to make the vision as vivid as possible.
    How do you feed a twenty foot tall, blue-plasma giraffe with millipede legs and a quirky disposition? You ask politely if anyone has the appropriate chow for such an animal in the back of their van. Perhaps you know the person who does, or maybe your uncle runs a psychedelic pet store. The stronger the visuals system we provide, the more comfortable the performers will feel to express themselves.

    Get us groveling by mail: PhoenixResource@killingfrenzy.com

    What's in it for me?
    The Phoenix Festival isn't going to be paying for your vacation to Puerto Viarta.
    The Phoenix Festival is going to allow you a forum for focused expression.
    If you have a vision to bring, we want to eliminate any barriers that could keep it from arriving.
    The more barriers we remove, without taking food out of the mouth of the plasma giraffe, the better.
    (they crackle when they're angry)

    Please visit the www.phoenixfest.com site for general questions. Hit the community section, and get involved.

    KillingFrenzy Visuals
    The Phoenix Festival

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