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PilgrimR2 released

Discussion in 'Software' started by nkm, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. nkm

    nkm New Member

    Today we've released the next generation of the realtime new media software Pilgrim.

    PilgrimR2 comes with a new 3D engine and 3D editor, a new media playback engine (now supporting Flash playback and high resolution movie/ video capture playback), flow tree based per pixel effect editor, mesh effect editor etc.

    More information (and a demo) can be found at:

  2. Mile

    Mile ---------

    Congratiolations with the new version of Pilgrim! The new GUI and features look very promesing!

    I'm still doin' R1.11 for live VJ'in though untill I find time to get good enough with R2. Man, it's a complete new program! :yep:
  3. VJDefinitive

    VJDefinitive New Member

    Like I said on VJ Central.

    The software seems to have a load of problems.

    So I suggest hold out till these are fixed. Keep checking the pilgrim forum.
  4. Mile

    Mile ---------

    I guess there are too many features now haha (and thus more chance for problems) :p
  5. Mile

    Mile ---------

    I'm sure the problems will be fixed soon as Pilgrim has a good team of programmers! Once R2.1 will be there you'll be blown away! :yep:

    In the meantime you can always make textures, sketches, find new videos, check demoreels, do some networking, drink beer haha etc. :p
  6. jaw

    jaw vsxu developer

    after 5 minutes usage i would say the UI acting up and flickering a lot is the biggest issue that I see right away apart from some jumpy movement in the camera movement.. :)
  7. Arnout

    Arnout Pilgrim Developer

    Depending on the speed of your PC the ui can indeed become slow. To change this, set the "cap framerate at" value in the preferences to a lower value than the default 80. (make it e.g. 40)
  8. ecin

    ecin triggerMotion

    yeah, i'd say some more beta-testing would be helpful. lots of UI flickering, missing assets when loading the demo file, and it froze when i tried to resize the output.
  9. Arnout

    Arnout Pilgrim Developer

    To smoothen transition to the R2 generation of Pilgrim software, R1.11 is included with R2:


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