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Please help safeguard the websites by donating

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by elbows, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. elbows

    elbows PixelRomper


    In the beginning there was vjforums and vjcentral, created by exhale. And yey he did fund the hosting of them himself, and sometimes got the occasional donation from individuals through vjcentral.

    Then avit events occured and things like the avituk raffle enabled people from all over the world to contribute towards the hosting costs by buying a ticket. Avit also passed on along some of their own money to help fund the community.

    This funding has ceased. The server has been paid for by me since then, which was back in February. This is not a sustainable situation, and whilst I dont mind covering some of the costs, I never meant to cover the entire cost. So after much whingling by me, a few people have stepped up and setup a paypal account with donate button, and will manage any donations received. Much of this money will go to hosting costs, but if there is any extra left it can be used to fund the development of vjcentral v3 and other things.

    So this is a begging letter asking everyone to see if they can afford to donate a little something to help the cause. At the moment, using the hosting solution that vjforums has been on for many years, its costing just over ?2 a day to keep this place alive. I certainly feel that the forum is worth ?2 a day, I know VJs are not usually the richest peopel alive, but heres hoping community power can rise to this challenge :)

    Many thanks in advance

    Steve of Elbows
  2. bridd

    bridd :)


    I've just donated ?2 now, and I'll donate some more again next month. I know it's a small amount but, I've got debts, bills, a partner and a 3 month old baby to support. If everyone who uses the forums regularly donated ?2, each month, when they got paid, or even just 50p, I figure the bill would soon be paid!

    The forums has been absolutely invaluable to me in terms of learning, picking up advice, and meeting like minded people. :grouphug:

    Here's hoping others dig in the pockets as well ! :cheers:
  3. elbows

    elbows PixelRomper

    Cheers :)

    Yeah the ?2 is one way of looking at it. Hell if theres 365 people out there that donate that much, then they only need to donate ?2 once a year to keep things going!

    Of course in reality Ive no idea how many people will donate. Its also possible to reduce the costs of hosting in future, but only if we want to give up having a dedicated server. Anyway thats a discussion for another day.

    As Im not doing the paypal side of things, Ive no idea what their fees are like, whether its generally practical for donations of smaller amounts.

    Thanks again for the contribution.
  4. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    Glad to finally see this in place. Thanks to all for making this a wonderful resource to many!
  5. makemassair

    makemassair makemassair.co.uk

    cool idea. where are the paypal details? don't think I can donate this week but get paid next week.

    edit: doesn't matter I'm blind.
  6. bryandod

    bryandod Integrated Visions

    thanks for setting this up. I have wanted to contribute for a while, but did not know how.:nod:

  7. alangeering

    alangeering Theatre Tech (AV)

    ?90 donated so far, this is reduced to ?85.29 after paypal fees are subtracted. Paypal will levy another fee on the transfer to Elbows for payment of server costs.

    The Fee is a flat rate plus a percentage. This percentage reduces for larger donations. So... the larger the ammount donated the higher the percetage that reaches VJCentral/VJForums
  8. makemassair

    makemassair makemassair.co.uk

    is there no way u can save up smaller donations into bigger ones?
  9. alangeering

    alangeering Theatre Tech (AV)

    oh yes, we do this once money has come to us (i.e. when sending money out from paypal)... but people need to think about this when they are donating INTO the paypal account.
  10. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    I've been meaning to pony up for a while now, and have 300 USD locked away in my PayPal acct. I just need to get a regular bank acct(something which I have not wanted to do for a number of reasons), but I will early next week, and then I should be able to PayPal the whole 300 bucks:)

    Just edited to add, that I wonder if there is any way to get VJF this money without having a verified PayPal Acct? Can This PayPal acct here get unverified payments thru PayPal?
  11. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    you should be able to send the money without being a verified paypal account.
  12. moonbase

    moonbase Member

    Been meaning to do this for a week or so but thanks for the reminder -
    and a bigger thanks for all the work and effort Elbows- much appreciated.
    Donation donated :)
  13. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    well this is the message I get:

    You will need to add and confirm your bank account to remove this limit. Once your bank account has been added and confirmed, you can continue this payment. Add your bank account information below.

    I will get a bank acct. set up this Monday, and try it again tho..:up:
  14. PCProject

    PCProject Moderator

    5 of us who were at the same gig on friday night all paid for a day each - ?10 sent to the paypal account
  15. elbows

    elbows PixelRomper

    Many thanks to all those who have donated so far :)

    I will try to stretch out the donations as much as possible by continuing to absorb some of the server costs myself. Right now the donations so far will pay for the server for between 3 and 6 months, depending on exactly how much I contribute.

    It would be nice to use some of the donations to provide new features & new vjcentral v3, it would be a shame to see it all go on hosting, but then development costs arent cheap either. Nobody quite has enough time to get it done at the moment, maybe so someone can be paid a bit to find some time to do these features, I know it wont be me because my day job eats most of my time these days.
  16. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    well i got a bank acct on monday, but guess it will take between 2-3 days to be able to use it to payout from my PayPal acct.
    Like I have said, I'll be sending 150.00 BPS as soon as this is ready!
  17. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    Should be another $300.00 in the VJC/F coffers. Just Sent my contibution!
    Hopefully that will help out the server costs for a couple months anyhow!
    Hey tho,
    I noticed when I made the PayPal payment, the VJC/F PayPal account is listed as unverified.
    Since VJC/F now have a bank account(we do have one right), we should add that bank account to the VJC/F PayPal account so that server costs, ect.
    can be paid out directly thru the PayPal acct. As I have found out, haveing a PayPal acct, and using it to pay bills, is worthless, until that PayPal acct. gets verfied.
  18. Kyle

    Kyle "Hello my VJ friend"

    :cheers: way to go Pixy...Kudos!
  19. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    Thanks Kyle!
    VJC/F has certainly been good to me, having forged international relationships and very good VJ friends! It ihas led to many UK and euro VJ gigs and has been certainly a very valuable resource indeed!
  20. brain

    brain New Member

    my two cents ...so to say

    hey there,
    i just sent roughly one euro for every month since i joined the forums in 2002, adding up to roughly 53 euros. not too much, i'd say...

    keep on VJFing!

  21. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    Cheers brain!
    Thats a good way to preportion it out!:) Now if we could get that from all the mems (1 Euro/dollar/pound for every month) we would be set up for a while around here..
    Still wondering about the Paypal tied into a VJC/F bank acct?????
  22. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    there isn't a bank account as yet.
  23. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    im gonna whack some money in this week, as soon as i get my new bankcard (think that'll be number 7 this year...doh). how does the paypal fee thing work, is it a set fee for using it or a percentage of the amount transfered?
  24. Anyone

    Anyone New Member

    if someone can send me a 600x75 banner (or close to this)
    I can add it to my website, could this help?
    I'll check my paypal account in a minute ...
  25. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    another ?35 in the pot, more to come when i have more to spare :)
  26. stealthsyst3ms

    stealthsyst3ms New Member

    I'm Donating too and wish this forum a long and healthy life!!

    ;) just thought i'd put something back in, as my knowledge aint worth shit ;)
  27. elbows

    elbows PixelRomper

    Thanks again for the recent and now not-so-recent donations.

    We're also in the process of looking at server options that are a bit cheaper, and will have newer software on that will allow the update of vjforums and vjcentral more easily.
  28. videoswitchboard

    videoswitchboard Pointless Crew-Glasgow

    Cheers for the update and reminder...

    just put a few quids in the pot.

    thanks again for looking after the server

  29. AdamJay

    AdamJay problem solver

    just donated...
    today's bandwidth is on me, guys... glad to help.
    i'll do more after the next paycheck.
  30. THC

    THC Member

    if possible will send western union
    send infos or pm.

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