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Power PC G3 Screen Hack 4 ibook

Discussion in 'Software' started by MindMimic, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. MindMimic

    MindMimic Your crazy

    I'm pretty bent to hack my mac (no ryme intended there).
    I trired th Screen spanning doctor, but it gave me an error message right as I started the program.

    I this ibook in around july of 2002 (700mhz),acorrding to the doctor's website, screen spanning that is, his or her hack should have worked. Instead it acted like a biznatch and gave me an the error message.

    so, are there any alternatives anyone can see to extending the desktop and the life of this quickly aging ibook?
    Is there anyway I can break my ibook open and upgrade whatever part the screen hach doen't want to recognize?

  2. jaqx

    jaqx New Member

    from my experience the hack has always worked sweetly... on g4 ibooks. but i've seen it work on g3 ibooks with no problems as well.

    if your ibook is 700mhz g3 it should support the hack. the only white g3 ibook that doesn't is the first 500 mhz model. try downloading it again.

    there is one part of your computer you can surely update... the freaking motherboard! and guess what's the best part... cost = zero. apple has been replacing faulty ibook g3 motherboards since january 2004 and it will continue to do so until march 18th 2005. you just need to take your ibook to an apple store or an apple service provider and they will do it for free. the most exciting part is that some motherboards have been replaced for faster ones! a new laptop motherboard means almost a new computer to me...

  3. MindMimic

    MindMimic Your crazy

    Thats the best news I've heard all year...your my hero, for today only!Im wierd
    no really thanks thou
  4. akira_k

    akira_k 8GB EUTour 2010 - book us

    A logic board change won't make any sort of difference to the hack. I have a 700Mhz iBook G3 from December 2002 and the hack worked swiftly (though when I made it there was no screen spanning doctor, i had to fiddle with openfirmware myself). I don't know what your problem could be but posting at the forums of the soanning doctor might shed some light on your problem.

    Am I the only one with a fully working iBook G3?. The logic board never went awry, and it is known that after making the duallhead hack, if your machine is duff, the hack would accelerate the fuckup process. Had my iBook for two years and been using the hack for 1 year and 7 months approx.
  5. famouswhendead

    famouswhendead VFX Generalist

    Ibook hack

    First time i tried the hack i thought it didn't work.
    It was just the app that didn't on my ibook.

    The Open Firmware hack did.

    Since this patch is done in Open Firmware you have to boot your iBook with pressed Command-, Option-, O- and F-keys.

    At the command line promt you have to enter the lines exactly as they appear in the gray box below (including spaces and quotation marks).
    means you have to press the space bar.
    return means you have to press the return or enter key.
    ctrl-c means you have to press the ctrl- and the c-key.
    00000000 are eight zeros, not o's!

    Command + Option + O + F
    1 nveditreturn
    2 " /" select-devreturn
    3 00000000 " graphic-options" get-my-property 2drop !return
    4 unselectreturn
    5 ctrl-c
    6 nvstorereturn
    7 setenv use-nvramrc? truereturn
    8 reset-allreturn

    or go here:

    YMMV and at your own risk.

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