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quick-motion apparatus

Discussion in 'Finding Content' started by sexdrossel, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. sexdrossel

    sexdrossel noob

    hello guys,

    i really tried hard to find some flowers in quick-motion apparatus ( i dont really know weather this is the right expresion) i mean that video stuff where you can see a flower growing in a few sec. sorry for my bad english but i'm not an native speaker.

    ps: i tried to find that stuff on the bbc archive because i remember some said you will find it there but i didnt! maybe you didnt know that when you are not living in the uk you only have to use an uk proxy to log on the bbc archiv :nod:

    thanks in advance for any reposts:sun:
  2. sexdrossel

    sexdrossel noob

    ah i found out that if had searched for "timelapse" then i would had found a lot :roll:

    thats vj life hold on.........

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