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Quicktime 6 preview

Discussion in 'Software' started by bigloose, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. bigloose

    bigloose ::>>>>--

    Quicktime 6 preview is out and can be downloaded for test on :

    Before updating too fast read the warning below (That's why I'll probably wait until final version is out... but if you want to test it for me lol)

    Since this is a preview version of QuickTime 6, Apple recommends that it only be run for testing purposes on a non-essential system. QuickTime 6 Public Preview is not supported by AppleCare. Running QuickTime 6 Public Preview with other Apple products, such as FinalCut Pro or iMovie, is also not supported.

    How long can I use QuickTime 6 Public Preview?

    This software will expire in October, 2002.

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