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Research / interview for Essay about Videoart / video installations / Vjing !

Discussion in 'Just Starting' started by emlesteginga, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. emlesteginga

    emlesteginga steginga visuals

    Hi there,

    At this moment I am graduating at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam as a Audiovisual Designer. For my graduation project I am making a video installation about light. This installation is based on my experience as a VJ in my daily life. This installation is for a part a video clip and for a part also a ‘VJ installation’. The are some differences, so is that this video installation is not live, I created my own music based on the sounds of light and I want to make this a real experience in the space it is in.

    Connected to my project I am writing a researchpaper about videoart/installations and vjing. I am myself a vj and I am looking if there any differences or similarities in video art and vjing. I was wondering if there any VJ's / Videoartists who would like to answer some questions I have for my researchpaper.

    You would really help me out!

    When I finish this paper, This will also be published online. But only in dutch, but maybe I will try to translate it to english.

    The questions are the following:

    What is your goal as a VJ?

    In what way do you do your work?

    What is your inspiration?

    Why did you become a VJ? and how?

    Is it your job or hobby? in what way?

    If it is a hobby, what is your dayjob?

    How do you get your gigs?

    Where do you perform? just clubs, or also at musea or other places?

    Is it possible to peform in a museum as a VJ or is it then video art?

    Do you think being a VJ is a way of video art? why?

    Do you think it is art? why?

    Is there now more than vj'ing? has being a VJ evolved into multiple forms?

    Should it still be called Vj'ing?

    Video art is an inspiration for a VJ to create his or her work..
    How do you feel/think about this?

    What is your name / stage name?

    How long are you a VJ?

    Where do you perform?

    Are you a VJ or videoartist? (or both). Or do you have your own definition of your work?


    Emile Steginga

    student Audiovisual Design
    Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam
  2. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    maybe you could add an email where we can send answers to
  3. emlesteginga

    emlesteginga steginga visuals

    you can mail to emile[at]steginga.nl
    or reply in this topic

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