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Resolume 2.1 nuances

Discussion in 'Software' started by an1m8or, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. an1m8or

    an1m8or New Member

    Resolume nuisances

    As with the other thread I have started about Arkaos nuances, I am also "playing "with Resolume these days...

    The first thing I have noticed is that it feautures more effects than Arkaos BUT it applies all it's effects GLOBALLY.. on the final output.

    That's a shame and it restricts you from creative mixing....
    It means that a seperate console mixer is required so you also use visuals from another source...

    Also, when tapping keys from the keyboard to change clips the responce is less than immediate (always compared to Arkaos)...

    (yep.. i am still using P4 3GHz and GF5700)
  2. charlielangridge

    charlielangridge www.rho-d.co.uk

    No it doesnt! RTFM
  3. syzygy

    syzygy non-verbal communication

    As charlie pointed out, you are wrong about effects only being global, but you are right about the lag on triggering.

    things have improved somewhat in the latest update - at least the lag is pretty much constant now, so we can account for it when manually triggering or sequencing.

    Resolume is really much better as a layer mixer than as a clip triggering app - we use VJamm pro for stuff that needs ultra fast response time.

    Until someone makes the perfect VJ app that does everything (not going to happen any time soon...) Its all about choosing the right tool for the job.

  4. hamageddon

    hamageddon Motion Mapping Looper

    it's nuisance btw.

    yes, i *am* nitpicking today :p
  5. an1m8or

    an1m8or New Member


    ...been using resolume for a couple of days , I will definently read the FM

    thanx 4 the replies
  6. InsideUsAll

    InsideUsAll immersive

  7. syzygy

    syzygy non-verbal communication

    I took the use of nuance as being intended as well...

    The English language has many nuances (nuisances too ;) )

  8. jungle

    jungle New Member

    in resolume, just drag the effect and drop it over the clip you want to be effected! as far as i know u can use one effect on every clip plus up to tree more that effects the whole output... that would be 6 effects in total. not very necessary i guess...
  9. ecin

    ecin triggerMotion

    concerning lag in resolume, other installed applications can be the cause of the lag. for instance, if you have vegas video installed, it will interfere with resolume in some way causing a half-second lag, making it completely useless. i've been using resolume since 1.0 with no lag at all, after I uninstalled vegas video, and can bang out a visual beat on time with the music.

    another thing i've noticed is that clips don't get loaded into ram. the first time you trigger them after loading up a deck, you end up with some lag depending on the clip-length and its compression. i've gotten into the habit of switching out my resolume source when I load up a deck for a couples seconds and triggering all the clips in that deck once.
  10. sleepytom

    sleepytom VJF Admin

    err sorry that sounds like crap to me

    which component of vegas video is supposed to break resolume?
  11. ecin

    ecin triggerMotion

    no idea.

    after having resolume installed on one of my machines for many months with no lag I had installed vegas video for some editing purposes. the next time I loaded up resolume there was a half second lag in triggering. uninstalling it rectified the problem.

    knowing nothing about what vegas installs, its my guess that there is some dll that handles realtime video acceleration that inteferes. others have experienced the same problem.

    apparently this isn't always the solution, though it worked for some.

    previous discussion here
  12. phunkyguy

    phunkyguy New Member

    wow. i'll definetely let you know if it affects me and my delay. hmm. that would explain so much...

  13. an1m8or

    an1m8or New Member

    the lag i mentioned before is occuring without having installed Vegas on my machine.

    only Arkaos and Resolume installed

    maybe some other program is causing this (too many for trying everything to spot the one) or maybe this is just a Resolume nuisance (learned it ok ;) )

    p.s it's not half a sec, ok, but it affects video tapping on the beat :nod:

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