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Resolume Avenue with Ohm 64

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by pink_robot, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. pink_robot

    pink_robot New Member

    Hey all,

    as a midi mapping newbie, im wrapping myself in a tangle trying to get my nice shiny new ohm 64 working in harmony with resolume.

    what i want is for the main bank of buttons to be used as clip triggers..... which is the easy bit........ but for the back lights of the buttons to illuminate when the clip is active and dim when the clip is stopped.

    I love the way that DNA works with the ohm (and is pre-programmed), but it just doesn't have the functionality of resolume :(

  2. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    i strongly doubt you can do this ( although id happily be proven wrong ). the ohm would need to be told by resolume that the video is active or stopped, but resolume doesnt send midi data, it only recieves.
  3. pink_robot

    pink_robot New Member

    damn it........

    Is there a way of setting resolume to trigger a clip on the touch of a key / button, then to stop the same clip on the second touch???...... as this may be way around it?
  4. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    which version of resolume are you using?
  5. pink_robot

    pink_robot New Member

    avenue 3.01 ?
  6. bilderbuchi

    bilderbuchi in the pixel hotspot

    is avenue able to send OSC yet? then you could translate OSC to midi with another software...
  7. dEp

    dEp Member

    it is - this is what i was going to suggest as well :nod:
  8. vjair

    vjair Making Shapes

    how do you send OSC from avenue? i havnt noticed any info about doing it.
  9. vjpixylight

    vjpixylight AKA Will O' The Wisp

    I wonder if you could use a 3rd party software like Angular Momentum to do the RT OSC to midi conversion?
  10. Ocular

    Ocular New Member

    I would be really interested in seeing someone do this. Avenue looks great but I haven't used it so I don't know what it sends. We made a osc translator so you can run monome apps on the ohm64 and posted the MAX source code if anyone wants to give it a try. http://blog.lividinstruments.com/?p=573
  11. Ocular

    Ocular New Member

    Here is another example of someone using the mon+ohm app to run a monome app, it is essentially a osc to midi conversion. No reason something like this shouldn't work with avenue. If someone wants to try it and give us some feedback we can probably edit this to work with resolume. We also provide the source code for this.

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  12. Tschoepler

    Tschoepler New Member

    As for now it is not! possible to send midi or osc from resolume. The last update added dmx-in but still it won't support any message-out. The best you can achieve for now is routing the signal from the OHM64 back to it via Bome's midi translator. That way you get lit up matrix-buttons etc. when you press them. but if you make any changes inside resolume it won't keep track of that.
  13. Tschoepler

    Tschoepler New Member

    This is an alpha view on my MAX+OHM64+Avenue patch.

    It parses the comp file of Avenue (.avc) and parses the clips' position in deck 1 thus lighting the buttons on the OHM's grid. Also recognizes the actual clips playing and lets the corresponding buttons blink. It also features column selection and layer selection.

    As the video shows there are still some issues like the blinking not stopping when muting the whole composition and the buttons' status not changing on deck switch. That's all to come soon.

    This is v0.2 of my MIDI mapping patch. I killed some bugs and added deck parsing on the fly while switching decks.

    This still needs a lot of coding before being released. Maybe I'll share the source patch meanwhile. I'll report back.
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  14. Tschoepler

    Tschoepler New Member


    - shift button
    - preview clips
    - assign channel A or B to clip
    - choosing blend modes
    - layer bypass & solo
    - access clips in column 9-16
    - "clip buffer" remembers on which slot, layer and deck clips are playing (blinking only when visible on the OHM64)
    - blinking can be synced to BPM

  15. Tschoepler

    Tschoepler New Member

    OHM2Resolume 0.84

    Updated OHM2Resolume to v0.84
    This will pretty much be the final release for Avenue 4. Get it here: http://www.tschoepler.net/2011/05/ohm2resolume/


    • auto*load exter*nals from sub*fol*ders (no more copy*ing files into your MAX search path nee*ded)
      You can now open OHM2Resolume 0.84.maxpat with eit*her MAX or MAX Runtime.
    • auto*select cor*re*spon*ding layer when a clip is trig*ge*red (OSC)
    • State of MIDI out port gets saved
    • “clear lights” doesn’t pro*duce coll error in MAX win*dow anymore
    • fixed OHM64 not responding
    • added 16 decks sup*port. just select deck with shift but*ton down.
    • sup*port for shif*ted knobs and faders with shift but*ton down.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2013

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