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Resolume vs VDMX (macbook pro user)

Discussion in 'Just Starting' started by philwues, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. philwues

    philwues New Member


    I have a macbook pro, 2.4ghz, 2gb DDR3, 256mb 9600M GT Nvidia.

    Someone explained me resolume. He's a windows user.

    So now I tried VDMX (mac only), latest beta, it looks complicated, took 10 minutes to figure out how to play a stupid videoclip.

    But the features look nice, I see a plugin to stream from webcam, internet. Wii remote. Nice features for 3D-mapping. Something called Quartz (only mac) looks like you can make endless effects.

    Is VDMX that much better? Is it faster then Resolume?
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  2. philwues

    philwues New Member

    Thx for replying

    Well VDMX is much better, but not for newbies, still finding out new stuff every day. I know 90% of the functions now.
  3. deepvisual

    deepvisual visually challenged

    if you find people dont reply to a thread, bump it by putting a new comment.
    I only read new posts and I missed your original...

    Resolume is fine for performance, VDMX is more of a video toolkit, you can make almost anything from it.

    I just made a Blindness simulator for a Charity with VDMX. It would have been very difficult to do it with other software as it needed to have very complicated functions but be operated by a novice. I also found the support from vidvox to be very very good...
  4. gabemott

    gabemott New Member

    deepvisuals, thanks for giving an example.
    i'm amazed how quick and ez it is to look great with resolume.
    as already echoed, the learning curve in vdmx is steep.

    i would be great to see more tutorials for vmdx- more vjs sharing how they set up their workspace. i've been using b8 for a few months and still find myself a little slow when VJing-- probably because i only have a small midi-board.

    i'm mostly working with filters and compositions from quartz composer. the potential is awesome. quartz composer is really easy to use at first--- there are so many already built compositions and making small changes is very intuitive. maximizing the potential of QC seems like it would take a very longtime but that's just because there is so much to do. i've found the boards at kineme (QC) extremely helpful. one problem is that QC will let you build stuff that is a little buggy sometimes and it won't be apparent til it crashes your VDMX....

    my understanding is that VDMX is built the best of all the software to work with QC.

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