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resolume1.51 output problem

Discussion in 'Just Starting' started by flipmo, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. flipmo

    flipmo pro-tek team member


    i have a pretty big problem, i have my first gig this saturday. Today i wanted to test the output of resolume1.51. but it doens't work very wel...

    when i click dual monitor i get a new window. then i drag the new window to the second monitor. but when i enable this new window, i can't see the preview (the window at the right) in resolume anymore.... only on the second screen i see my output

    i've searched a lot, but can't find the solution. maybe anyone else?

    btw, i have a ati radeon 9600 SE.

    :help: wanted ASAP!!!!!!

    ps, i have a dutch version of windows xp, so maybe some help in dutch would be very welcome. english too ofcourse
  2. flipmo

    flipmo pro-tek team member

    got an answer on resolume.com

    so it's ok

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